FMPA News for the week of January 5

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Strategic Planning
A conference call could be scheduled this week with the chairs and vice chairs of the Board of Directors and ARP Executive Committee to discuss FMPA’s strategic planning workshop scheduled for Feb. 5-6. The chairs will be asked to share their expectations for the workshop and to review a draft agenda. Other FMPA members will be asked to share their views in telephone interviews conducted by the workshop’s facilitator, Jean Freeman. The interviews will begin this week. Contact: Mark McCain


Turbine Testing
Joe McKinney visits GE in Schenectady, N.Y., on Monday to supervise testing of the combustion turbine for Cane Island Unit 4.


ARP Rate Workshop
ARP Executive Committee members meet Wednesday by conference call at 2 p.m. for the All-Requirements Project’s monthly rate workshop. Participants will hear updates on natural gas markets and liquidity, and the group will discuss loads, costs and rate calculations for December. Staff will also present estimated rate ranges for January through March. Contact: Jim Atz


Joint Purchase Project
The Joint Purchase Project meeting originally scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled. Participants voted at the last meeting to move toward quarterly meetings. The next meeting will be Feb. 12 at 10 a.m.


IT Audit
Mark Larson, Carter Manucy and Rich Popp meet with consultants Thursday to discuss the possibility of an IT audit. Contact: Rich Popp


Credit and Liquidity
Mark Larson and other members of the Finance Division continue to research credit and liquidity alteatives for the All-Requirements Project. An update is expected to be presented at the January ARP Executive Committee meeting.


Fiscal 2008 Audit Report
FMPA’s Accounting Department is wrapping up the fiscal 2008 year-end audit report this week. After the report is sent to members, FMPA may host an informal workshop by conference call to discuss the report and answer members’ questions. The workshop has not been scheduled yet. The report is scheduled to be presented as an action item at the Jan. 22 meetings.


New Name and E-mail
Michelle Ellis was married Dec. 6, and she changed her name to Michelle Pisarri. Her e-mail address is now [email protected]. Please make note of the changes.


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Seminole Electric Cooperative Fuel Shipping Costs to Rise in 2009
Seminole Electric Cooperative’s fuel costs are expected to rise in 2009 due to the expiration of a coal shipping contract with CSX. Two years of negotiations to replace the 10-year contract have failed to produce an agreement, so CSX plans to charge rates that are more than twice as high as the old rate, increasing costs by about $100 million per year. Seminole estimates that, for the 1.7 million customers served by Seminole members, the cost of electricity will increase six percent, or $6.50 per month, reported the Tampa Tribune.


Renewable Energy Report Now Online
The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) posted online a copy of the Florida Renewable Energy Potential Assessment, produced by Navigant Consulting. The PSC commissioned the report as part of its efforts to develop a renewable portfolio standard for the state. The full 311-page report can be viewed at