FMPA News for the week of January 26

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FMPA Board of Directors
FMPA’s Board of Directors met for a special-called meeting last Thursday and approved two action items: 1) the fiscal 2008 audit report and related auditor communications, and 2) new interest rate swap counterparties.


The Mercer Report
Steve Egan from The Mercer Group presented the Management Review report to the Board last Thursday. Nick Guarriello and the Chair Committee plan to develop a recommended implementation plan to present to the Board in March.


ARP Executive Committee
The ARP Executive Committee met last Thursday and approved the following action items: 1) the fiscal 2008 audit report and related auditor communications, 2) appealing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Dec. 22 order in a transmission case, 3) new interest rate swap counterparties, 4) storm water pond modifications at Treasure Coast Energy Center, 5) an amendment to the Cane Island Unit 4 engineering, procurement and construction contract that provides an agreement and an allocation of savings related to constructability improvements, 5) a casual part-time position in the Member Services Department, 6) a motion not to enter into a long-term power purchase with Central Power & Lime without approval from the ARP Executive Committee, and 7) immediately stopping monthly payments for a natural gas lateral pipeline that connects Lake Worth’s Smith Plant Site to the interstate pipeline.


Member Services Engineering Position
The ARP Executive Committee approved a casual part-time position in the Member Services Department to provide electrical engineering distribution services to FMPA members. This service has been offered on a trial basis during the past year and has been well-received. The position will be self-funded through billable hours to the members that use the service. It is envisioned that this position will cost-effectively meet the need for small, distribution engineering work. For larger distribution engineering projects that require the resources of an engineering firm, FMPA is in the process of developing a pre-qualified list of engineering firms. Contact: Mike Siefert


Risk Oversight Committee
FMPA’s Risk Oversight Committee met last Thursday and approved the following action items: 1) energy risk policy hedge position variance, 2) revisions to FMPA’s Risk Management Policy on natural gas and fuel oil, and 3) the annual risk assessment.


Policy Makers Liaisons Committee
FMPA’s Policy Makers Liaisons Committee met last Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics related to federal legislative issues. The Committee discussed the federal economic stimulus package and its potential funding for local infrastructure projects that create jobs, save energy or reduce emissions. The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) and FMPA are encouraging members to compile a list of such projects for consideration. For more information, contact FMEA’s Amy Zubaly. The next meeting of the Policy Makers Liaisons Committee is planned for March 25, 2009, in Tallahassee. The meeting is planned in connection with FMEA’s Legislative Rally. Contact: Mark McCain


Goveance Committee
A meeting of FMPA’s Goveance Committee scheduled for last Thursday was cancelled. The meeting will be rescheduled in the next week. Contact: Sue Utley


Cane Island Unit 4 Financing
FMPA’s Finance Department kicked-off the remainder of financing for Cane Island Unit 4 last week. FMPA’s Financial Advisor, Craig Dunlap, plans to send requests for proposals for credit and underwriting services by Monday. Contact: Janet Davis


Cane Island Unit 4
Representatives from FMPA and Zachry met in San Antonio on Jan. 12 through Jan. 14 to work on developing a detailed construction schedule for Cane Island Unit 4. The schedule outlines every task of the project, including start and completion dates, allowing project management to gauge progress. The group plans to meet again with KUA on Jan. 28 and Jan. 29 at Cane Island Power Park to discuss environmental compliance, safety and electrical interconnections with KUA. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for March 27 at 8:30 a.m., and site mobilization has been scheduled to begin April 6.


Energy Efficiency Resource Central
Sharon Smeenk and Diane Nelson attended a conference call last week about the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Energy Efficiency Resource Central (EERC) program. FMPA recently joined 18 other municipal electric utilities and trade associations as a partner in the program, which supplies public power utilities with tools to promote energy efficiency. Program partners met by conference call last week to share what their organizations are doing to promote energy efficiency and conservation and what key issues are impacting conservation initiatives in their states or communities. APPA will use this feedback to help shape EERC’s future offerings.


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Strategic Planning Pre-Workshop Input
The deadline for completing an online survey about FMPA’s strategic planning workshop is close of business on Monday. The objective of this feedback tool is to obtain input on, among other things, FMPA’s mission, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and potential goals. The answers provided will not be viewed as conclusive or used to limit discussion at the strategic planning session. Rather, the purpose is to complete some advance work in order to efficiently use time at the workshop. The online feedback form should only take a few minutes to complete. Results will be shared at the planning workshop. Contact: Mark McCain


GenOps Meeting
A GenOps meeting is scheduled for Tuesday in the Board room at 10 a.m. GenOps meets bi-monthly to discuss topics related to operations. Contact: David Schumann


Conservation and Renewable Energy Advisory Committee
The Conservation and Renewable Energy Advisory Committee meets Thursday via conference call at 10 a.m. Participants will discuss net metering, including allocation of administrative costs and renewable energy credits. Participants are asked to retu the net metering administrative cost and renewable energy credit survey to Ann Beckwith as soon as possible.


Climate Change Workshop
Friday is the deadline to register for FMPA’s Understanding Climate Change workshop. The workshop is scheduled for Feb. 12 at 10 a.m. in the Board room, as well as via Web cast. This workshop will provide an overview of the climate science debate, proposed state and national legislative solutions, and the impact on electric utilities. The course also reviews CO2 control technologies, the Department of Energy 1605(b) program and how to develop a greenhouse gas inventory for your utility. Professional Engineers can ea four Professional Development Hours for completion of the course. To register, visit FMPA’s Web site at” target=_blank>;. Contact: Mike Siefert


Annual Report
FMPA’s 2008 Annual Report will be mailed to all FMPA members this week. Contact: Bree Balchunas


ARP Load Forecast Update
FMPA is finalizing an update of the All-Requirements Project’s load forecast. A workshop is being planned that will discuss the load forecast process and results, as well as possible issues associated with the forecast. More information will be announced soon. Contact: Chris Gowder


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Wellinghoff Named Acting FERC Chairman
President Barack Obama announced last Friday that Jon Wellinghoff will serve as acting chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In a prepared statement, Wellinghoff said, “I thank President Obama for the opportunity to lead FERC at a time when our nation faces the challenge of providing consumers with access to clean, renewable energy and ensuring that our nation can deliver that energy in the most efficient, smart and technologically sophisticated manner possible. Wellinghoff was originally appointed to the Commission in 2006 and recently re-appointed to a second term. He is an energy law specialist with more than 30 years experience in the field. Before joining FERC, he was in private practice and focused exclusively on client matters related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and distributed generation.


Stimulus Package to Include Energy-Related Tax Credits
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled an $825 billion economic stimulus package last week that includes several energy-related tax credits and $32 billion “to transform the nation’s energy transmission, distribution and production systems by allowing for a smarter and better grid and focusing on investment in renewable technology. The tax package would include: 1) Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, 2) long-term extension of the renewable energy production tax credit, 3) provisions on smart energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy research and development credit, 4) energy conservation bonds, and 5) energy efficiency and conservation tax incentives. The package would also include: 1) $8 billion for loans for renewable energy power generation and transmission projects, 2) $2.4 billion for carbon capture and sequestration technology demonstration projects, and 3) $6.9 billion for state and local govement energy efficiency block grants.


Computer Data Centers Offer Great Potential for Energy Savings
Computer data centers offer enormous potential for improving energy efficiency, according to the American Public Power Association’s Energy Efficiency Resource Central. To tap potential savings, a group of utilities have formed a coalition to share best practices for improving energy performance at data facilities. The IT Energy Efficiency Coalition is open to all utilities, and the coalition’s Web site is a clearinghouse of best practices on IT efficiency. To read the complete article, visit APPA’s Web site at” target=_blank>;.

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Congratulations to Susan Schumann, who celebrates 11 years with FMPA on Monday, Jan. 26.


Happy birthday to Tom Jones, who celebrates Tuesday, Jan. 27.


Happy birthday to Mike McCleary, who celebrates Tuesday, Jan. 27.


Happy birthday to Karen Culpepper, who celebrates Wednesday, Jan. 28.


Congratulations to Jim Atz, who celebrates two years with FMPA on Thursday, Jan. 29.


Happy birthday to Shirleen Bell, who celebrates Thursday, Jan. 29.


Happy birthday to Tim Jackson, who celebrates Sunday, Feb. 1.


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