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April 13, 2009





Cane Island Unit 4

The South Florida Water Management District authorized de-watering activities and construction of the storm water management system for Cane Island Unit 4 last week. Inspections by the South Florida Water Management District of both the de-watering activities and the storm water management system are required prior to full commencement of construction. The silt fence must also be inspected by the South Florida Water Management District and Osceola County.


St. Lucie Unit 2

St. Lucie Unit 2 was restored to full power last Monday after being manually shut down on April 1 due to lowering condenser vacuum caused by algae and seaweed entering the cooling water intake.


PSC Filings

FMPA submitted on behalf of its members Renewable Portfolio Standards and the net metering reporting requirements April 1 to the Florida Public Service Commission. Contact: Dan O’Hagan


Swap Advisor

Proposals for swap advisor services were reviewed last week. Staff will present their recommendation to the Executive Committee in April and the Board of Directors in May.


Extended Agreements

FMPA’s Continuous Emissions and Monitoring Services Agreement with Air Compliance Testing and FMPA’s Thermal Infrared Scanning Agreement with Brady Infrared and American Infrared Testing have been extended to May 2010. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Pad-Mount Transformer Painting and Inspection Services Bid

FMPA awarded the bid for pad-mount transformer painting and inspection services to Transformer Maintenance and Seacor Painting. This is a one-year agreement. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Finance Meeting

Janet Davis and Mark Larson met with representatives of Regions Bank last Tuesday to discuss loans and credit.


FMPA Career Web Site

FMPA recently launched a new Web site to share employment opportunities and communicate the value of careers at the Agency. The site features information about compensation and benefits, company values and the workplace environment. The site also features job listings from FMPA’s member utilities. The site address is>;.


Cane Island Unit 4 Benefits Local Community

The Cane Island Unit 4 construction project recently contracted with several companies located in the community surrounding the Cane Island Power Park. Companies include CMC Rebar in Kissimmee and Crane Rental Corporation in Davenport, Fla., as well as local cement and foundation material providers. During peak construction, Unit 4 will employ more than 300 workers that will live in and around Intercession City, adding to the local economy.





ARP Conservation Program

Wednesday is the deadline for All-Requirements Project members to submit the quarterly report for reimbursement from the Conservation Program. When completing the report, be sure to enter data collected from each rebate form on the appropriate worksheet and submit a separate completed report form for each quarter. If you do not have any activity to report, or have questions or conces, contact Sharon Smeenk.


PGP Workshop

Workshops on Public Gas Partners (PGP) will be held Wednesday and Thursday in the Board room for interested FMPA staff. The two half-day workshops will increase familiarity with PGP by explaining its assets and activities. Contact: Steve Ruppel


Conservation and Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

The Conservation and Renewable Energy Advisory Committee meets Thursday via conference call at 9 a.m. Participants will discuss the solar photovoltaic project and net metering. The Committee will also form a work group to discuss economic stimulus funding opportunities for the All-Requirements Project. To view the agenda package, visit the 2009 agenda packages section on the Members Portal. Contact: Sharon Smeenk


Lineman’s Roundtable

FMPA’s Lineman’s Roundtable is Thursday in Kissimmee at 10 a.m. Roundtable participants will exchange ideas on operations practices, safety training, tools and equipment. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Risk Oversight Committee

A special meeting of the Risk Oversight Committee is scheduled for Thursday in the Board room at 11:30 a.m. The Committee will evaluate proposals for an independent financial auditor.


Electric Utility Safety

Thursday is the deadline to register for FMPA’s Electric Utility Safety workshop scheduled for May 7 in the Board room at 10 a.m. The workshop will discuss topics such as training, fall protection, live line tools, switching control procedures, minimum approach distances, arc hazard assessments and grounding practices. Florida Professional Engineers can ea four Professional Development Hours for the completion of this course. To register, visit FMPA’s” rel=”nofollow”>>FMPA’s Web site. Contact: Mike Siefert


Budget Committee

The Budget Committee meets Friday in the Board room at 10 a.m. The Committee will review Agency and non-All-Requirements Project budgets. To view the agenda package, visit the 2009 agenda packages section on the Members Portal.


Finance Update

Pricing on bonds for the All-Requirements Project will take place this week. The bonds are scheduled to close April 28. The senior manager for the issue will be Bank of America. Additional underwriters include Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Keegan and Company, and Wachovia and Wells.


All-Requirements Project Load

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph will be posted later this week on the Member Portal. The graph is updated through April 12. Contact: Jim Atz


Service Anniversary

Congratulations to Amie Erickson, who celebrates nine years with FMPA on Friday, April 17.





NNOG Conference

The Spring 2009 Nuclear Nonoperating Owners’ Group (NNOG) Conference is April 21 to April 24 in Baltimore, Md. Participants will lea about the commercial nuclear industry and the challenges facing nonoperating owners, as well as an overview of nuclear industry issues, and technical and accounting issues facing nonoperating owners of nuclear plants. For more information, visit;jsessionid=DztbJfGSn7p4d7cnyBQz9mlmMSn9LqfJm0hr1rBnLr8hXGhSgtbG%21403453629> the NNOG Web site. Contact: Steve Ruppel


Energy Auditors Roundtable

FMPA’s next Energy Auditors Roundtable is May 14 in Winter Park at 10 a.m. Participants will discuss conservation programs, industry practices and other topics related to energy audits. To register, visit