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July 20, 2009




Annual Conference

The FMEA-FMPA Annual Conference was held last week at the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens. FMPA’s business meetings were held Thursday and Friday. Thank you to everyone who worked to make the event a success.


Board of Directors

FMPA’s Board of Directors met last Friday and approved action items, including: 1) evaluation of the General Manager, 2) selection of grant-writing firms to assist member cities, 3) fiscal year 2010 budgets for the St. Lucie, Stanton, Tri-City and Stanton II projects and fiscal 2010 Agency budget allocations for all projects, 4) bond issue authorizations for the St. Lucie, Stanton, Tri-City and Stanton II projects, 5) a safety training agreement with Electric Cities of Georgia, 6) engagement letters with Swap Financial and National City/PNC, and 7) action items to implement the Strategic Plan. The Board also passed a motion directing staff to seek another letter of credit provider to continue the Pooled Loan Project and bring back any alteatives for the Board’s consideration.


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee met last Friday and approved action items, including: 1) Agency and All-Requirements Project budgets for fiscal year 2010, 2) updates to the All-Requirements Project’s conservation program and renewal of the program for fiscal year 2010, 3) restructuring the 2011 hedge position, and 4) action items to implement the Strategic Plan.


Audit & Risk Oversight Committee

FMPA’s Audit and Risk Oversight Committee met last Friday and approved action items, including: 1) short listing bidders for natural gas risk management and natural gas storage, 2) restructuring the 2011 hedge position, and 3) obtaining firm natural gas transportation capacity from Transco Station 85 South.


Officers Elected

The FMPA Board of Directors and ARP Executive Committee both held officer elections last Friday at the Annual Conference. The Board elected Vince Ruano of Bushnell as Chairman for 2009-2010. He previously served five years as Vice Chairman, nine years as Secretary and four years as Assistant Secretary. Paul Kalv of Leesburg was elected as Vice Chairman. Kevin McCarthy of Clewiston was re-elected Treasurer. He has served on FMPA’s Board of Directors since 2002. Lou Heandez of Key West was elected Secretary. The Executive Committee re-elected Tom Richards as Chairman for 2009-2010. This is his second term as ARP Executive Committee Chairman. Don Ouchley of Beaches Energy Services was re-elected Vice Chairman for his second term. The treasurer and secretary of the Board also serve in the same capacities for the ARP Executive Committee.


Strategic Plan

The FMPA Board of Directors and ARP Executive Committee approved action items last Friday to implement the Strategic Plan. A copy of the plan and action items has been posted on the FMPA Member Portal. FMPA staff will begin developing a way to measure progress toward goals and periodically report progress to the goveing boards.


Policy Makers Liaisons Committee

FMPA’s Policy Makers Liaisons Committee met last Thursday. Among other agenda items, the Committee elected officers for the coming year. Mike Kelter, council member from Green Cove Springs, was elected as Chair and Pamela Cully, chairman of Fort Pierce Utilities Authority, was elected as Vice Chair. The Committee agreed to meet quarterly and scheduled its next meeting for Oct. 21 at FMPA.


General Manager Declines Bonus

FMPA’s Board of Directors gave Nick Guarriello a favorable quarterly performance review at its meeting last week by voting to award him a bonus under the terms of his contract. Nick chose to decline the bonus as encouragement for the Executive Committee to favorably consider what is included in the Agency’s proposed fiscal 2010 budget for employee wage adjustment that may be necessary for retention or promotion purposes.


Public Comments at Annual Conference

Some members of the public attended FMPA’s meetings last Friday to share their opinions on Agency business. A total of 11 visitors spoke during the public comment portions of the meetings. Most voiced opposition to investment in nuclear power plants. A few also expressed conces about rates and hedging. Several speakers voiced support for renewable generation and energy conservation. FMPA also received one e-mail last week from an individual who could not attend the meeting but wished to express their opposition to nuclear power


Treasure Coast Energy Center

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued an official written notice of intent to issue a Title V Air Permit last Wednesday. This permit is customarily issued to operating power plants. Contact: Steve Carroll or Susan Schumann


Florida Gas Utility

Janet Davis prepared documents last week to renew the Florida Gas Utility letter of credit for the 2010 fiscal year.


Information Systems Audit

The Information Systems Audit has been completed and a draft report will be reviewed by Protiviti this week.


Continuous Emissions Monitoring System Bid

FMPA awarded the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) agreement to Coastal Air Consulting, Inc. The award is effective until July 2010. Contact: Sharon Samuels





Bank Loan Proposals

Monday is the deadline to receive proposals for bank loans for the Stanton and Tri-City projects. The loans would assist with refinancing and capital needs. Contact: Janet Davis


All-Requirements 101

Presenters for FMPA’s All-Requirements 101 seminar meet Wednesday at 1 p.m. for a page-tu session to review and update the course materials. All-Requirements 101 is a one and one-half day free seminar designed to give participants a thorough understanding of FMPA’s largest wholesale power supply project, All-Requirements. The seminar will be presented Sept. 15 and Sept. 16 for FMPA members. Contact: Diane Nelson


Annual Report Kick-Off

FMPA’s Public Relations Department meets via conference call with graphic designers from Merge Inc. on Wednesday to kick-off planning for FMPA’s fiscal 2009 Annual Report. Contact: Bree Balchunas


Audit and Risk Oversight Committee

FMPA’s Audit and Risk Oversight Committee meets Thursday in the Board room at 9 a.m. The Committee will interview short-listed firms that submitted proposals for natural gas risk management and natural gas storage services.


Interim Audit

FMPA’s exteal auditors from Purvis Gray and Company will be at the Agency’s Orlando office this week to perform the interim audit. Contact: Jim Atz


All-Requirements Project Load

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph will be posted on the Member Portal later this week. The graph is updated through July 19. Contact: Jim Atz


Service Anniversary

Congratulations to Tom Reedy, who celebrates 14 years with FMPA on Friday, July 24.





Conservation Workshop

Summer is here, and customers’ electric usage is up. Municipal utilities can demonstrate their interest in helping customers reduce their bills by hosting an energy conservation workshop. FMPA can supply members with the materials for utility staff to present the workshop, or FMPA staff can present the program. To organize a workshop in your community, contact Mark McCain.





Cap-and-Trade Report

The impact of proposed cap-and-trade regulations for greenhouse gases will vary greatly across the country depending on carbon emission allowance allocations and electricity market structures, according to a report released last Wednesday by Synapse Energy Economic, Inc. The report sponsored by the American Public Power Association, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates evaluates three different scenarios for allocating emission allowances and determined that the scenario that produces the lowest cost for consumers is the one in which all allowances are allocated for free to local utilities that deliver power to the customer. For a full copy of the report entitled, “Productive and Unproductive Costs of CO2 Cap-and-Trade: Impacts on Electricity Consumers and Producers, visit