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Aug. 31, 2009




Audit & Risk Oversight Committee

FMPA’s Audit and Risk Oversight Committee met last Thursday and conducted an entrance interview with the exteal auditing firm. The year-end audit is scheduled for November.


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee met last Thursday and approved action items, including: 1) obtaining firm natural gas transportation capacity from Transco Station 85 South, 2) an application of Gas Supply Acquisition Project #2 termination proceeds, 3) three items related to the construction of Cane Island Unit 4, 4) a scope of work for an updated load forecast, and 5) execution of two economy energy supply agreements for the Florida Cost Based Broker System. The Committee also passed a motion suspending fuel hedging until the ARP Business Model Working Group completes its investigation and makes recommendations. The Committee voted down a motion to study the dissolution of the All-Requirements Project.


ARP Receives $8.8 Million Gas Supply Termination Payment

The ARP Executive Committee decided last Friday to refund $8.8 million to All-Requirements participants in one month or any other option a city requests. The proceeds are compensation for the net present value of a 20-year natural gas prepay transaction that was terminated. FMPA and other utilities participated in the Gas Supply Acquisition Project #2 between Florida Gas Utility and UBS. Each All-Requirements participant must notify FMPA in writing of its preferred distribution method.


Public Comments to ARP Executive Committee

Approximately 50 residents of Fort Meade attended FMPA’s ARP Executive Committee last Thursday to share their opinions on Agency business. A total of 11 visitors spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting. Most expressed conce about rates. Special thanks to FMPA staff who worked to welcome and accommodate the large number of guests.


Pooled Loan Waivers

Waivers from the Pooled Loan program’s accelerated amortization schedule have been received for all members that requested them. Contact: Janet Davis


Crystal River Unit 3

The Crystal River Unit 3 nuclear plant was manually shutdown last Monday moing when a control rod group unexpectedly inserted in the reactor due to problem with the control rod programmer. Repairs were completed, and the unit retued to full power by last Thursday evening.


GE Contract Service Agreement

FMPA’s Risk Management, Legal Services and Operations departments met with representatives from GE last Friday to discuss enhancing the Contract Service Agreement for Treasure Coast Energy Center.


Wachovia Meeting

Janet Davis and Michell Ramos met with representatives from Wachovia last Tuesday to discuss investment and credit arrangements.



Congratulations to Chris Gowder, who was promoted to Short-Term Transmission Planning Engineer III. Chris now reports to Joe McKinney in the Operations and Short-Term Planning Department.


Organizational Changes

FMPA is expanding its Regulatory Compliance Department by re-assigning two current employees to the department. Doug Smith will join the department with a new title of Regulatory Compliance Specialist, and Transmission Planning Engineer III John Lee will also become part of the department. Both will report to Frank Gaffney.





Public Relations Inte

Please welcome FMPA’s new public relations inte, Skye Guthrie, who joins the staff Monday. Skye is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration, with a concentration in marketing and inteational business, at Rollins College’s Crummer Graduate School of Business. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Central Florida. Skye will work Monday, Thursday and Friday throughout the fall semester. Her duties will include writing FMPA Weekly and assisting with other projects in the Public Relations/Public Affairs Department.


Business Model Working Group

The ARP Business Model Working Group meets Tuesday at OUC’s Pershing Dispatch Center at 10 a.m. The group will review and discuss the Florida Municipal Power Pool contract, hear an overview of the Pool’s operations and tour the facility. To view the agenda package, visit the 2009 agenda package section on the Member Portal. Contact: Sue Utley


Member Visit

Bud Boudreaux travels to Clewiston and Moore Haven on Tuesday and Fort Pierce on Wednesday for member city visits.


All-Requirements Project Conservation Program Roundtable

All-Requirements Project participants will participate in a conservation program roundtable Thursday by conference call at 10 a.m. Participants will discuss the ARP Conservation Program and exchange information on individual utility programs. For more information and to register, visit FMPA” rel=”nofollow”>>FMPA Logo Apparel Catalog. Contact: Sara Barron


All-Requirements Project Load

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Member Portal. The graph is updated through Aug. 30. Contact: Jim Atz


Service Anniversaries

Congratulations to Mike McCleary, who celebrates one year with FMPA on Tuesday, Sept. 1.





Labor Day

FMPA’s offices will be closed next Monday for Labor Day. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.


All-Requirements 101

Only one week remains until the deadline to register for FMPA’s All-Requirements 101 program. All-Requirements 101 is a one and one-half day free seminar designed to give participants a thorough understanding of FMPA’s largest wholesale power supply project, All-Requirements. The seminar will be presented Sept. 15 and Sept. 16. For more information and to register, visit