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Nov. 2, 2009




Smart Grid Investment Grants

President Barack Obama announced last Tuesday the distribution of $3.4 billion in stimulus funding to utilities undertaking Smart Grid projects aimed at promoting green power and reducing electricity bills and blackouts. Congratulations to FMPA member cities Lakeland, Leesburg and Quincy, who received funding. Municipal utilities JEA and Tallahassee were also awarded grants. For more information on the Smart Grid funding, see “Obama Announces Smart Grid Grants, Commissions FPL’s PV Plant in the Industry News section of this issue.


IT Steering Committee
FMPA’s IT Steering Committee met last Tuesday to continue its inteal assessment of the top 10 information technology risks highlighted in the Protiviti report. The Committee will create mitigation plans for each high-risk item. The Committee will meet again Nov. 16 to discuss the Protiviti report and the KPMG audit. Contact: Carter Manucy


Economic Stimulus Work Group
The Economic Stimulus Work Group met by conference call last Wednesday to discuss Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants from the Florida Energy & Climate Commission. It was announced that the state has decreased the minimum project cost for funding from $250,000 to $100,000 and that cities may file joint applications. FMPA members are considering applying for funding for projects including: 1) a climate change action plan, 2) solar demonstration centers, 3) thermal energy storage, 4) a Smart Grid network, 5) energy audits, 6) a measurement and verification database, 7) ground mounted solar panels, and 8) LED lighting. Contact: Sharon Smeenk


Cane Island Unit 4

The first major piece of equipment was delivered to the Cane Island Unit 4 construction site. The unit’s condenser successfully crossed the Cane Island Power Park rail crossing and was unloaded at the project site. FMPA, Kissimmee Utility Authority and Zachry dedicated several hours to planning, scheduling and coordinating all heavy-haul shipments to the construction site. The project will reach another milestone next week when the gas turbine foundation is poured. Visit http://insite/index.php/photo-gallery?func=viewcategory&catid=70&startpage=2#category>InSite; to view three new photos from the Unit 4 construction site. Contact: Steve Carroll


Annual Report Awards

FMPA’s 2008 annual financial report was recognized last week by the American Public Power Association as one of the industry’s best. The report received the Award of Excellence in the category for the nation’s largest public power utilities with annual revenues of $400 million or more. Congratulations to Kissimmee Utility Authority, whose 2008 annual report also received the top award in its category. Awards were judged based on the effectiveness of the copy, design, financial data, creativity, graphics, organization and communicating the utility’s story.


Increasing Member Portal Usage

FMPA’s Public Relations Department completed an action plan last week to increase usage of the FMPA Member Portal. FMPA’s Strategic Plan calls for the Agency to “increase the use of FMPA’s Member Portal by members and staff to enhance information-sharing and transparency. Key strategies of the plan include: 1) providing highly useful information and tools, 2) educating members and employees about the Portal’s features and content, and 3) ensuring the site’s frequently used features are easy to find and use. The plan establishes eight goals and corresponding measurement metrics for usage, information-sharing and transparency. The plan also describes a detailed action plan that will be completed between November 2009 and June 2010. Contact: Diane Nelson


CR3 Outage Update

The Crystal River Unit 3 nuclear plant refueling outage is currently on budget and 12 days behind its planned 77-day schedule. The first steam generator is ready to be moved from containment and the generator lift system is nearing completion. Site technical teams are continuing their investigation of a concrete crack in the containment building, including testing samples from all areas of the structure. Contact: David Schumann


Greener Communities, Greener World

At last Wednesday’s staff meeting, Mike Siefert reviewed the steps FMPA has taken toward implementing environmentally sound practices in the workplace since the launch of an Agency-wide green initiative in March 2008. Automatic faucets, soap dispensers and flush valves were installed throughout FMPA’s Orlando headquarters building this year. This effort, combined with aggressive management of landscape irrigation, has saved 500,000 gallons of water and $4,000 in utility bills to date. The Facilities Department coordinated the switch of the Agency’s cleaning products and equipment, paper goods and flatware to non-toxic and biodegradable alteatives. In the coming year, FMPA will consider several additional options to lower costs and save energy, including installing a timer on the building’s water heater, retrofitting some lighting fixtures with LED lights, installing motion-sensor lights in restrooms and installing an ICE Energy cooling system for the air conditioners in the IT server room. For more information on the green initiative, visit FMPA’s FMPA’s” rel=”nofollow”>>FMPA’s Web site to register. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Purchasing Roundtable

Wednesday is the deadline to register for FMPA’s annual Purchasing Roundtable. The roundtable will be held Nov. 19 at 10 a.m. at Kissimmee Utility Authority. Participants will discuss work procedures and policies, industry changes and other topics of interest. Visit FMPA’s” rel=”nofollow”>>FMPA’s Web site to register by Nov. 27. Contact: Mike Siefert


Wood Poles Bid

FMPA will distribute an interest memo in the next several weeks to reissue a bid on wood poles. Contact: Sharon Samuels


RCRA DOT Training

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) annual and refresher training will be held Nov. 20 at FMPA. This one-day course covers a variety of topics, including: 1) general provisions of DOT training requirements, 2) hazardous materials, 3) specific requirements for electric utility hazmat employees, 4) emergency response information, and 5) accident prevention methods and procedures. To register for the training, visit