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Dec. 14, 2009




Cane Island Gas Turbine and Generator Placed

Two major elements of the new Cane Island Unit 4 were successfully placed on their foundations last week. The gas turbine and generator are now being prepared for final assembly. Another major milestone is scheduled for Jan. 15 when the unit’s heat recovery steam generator is delivered to Cane Island Power Park. Contact: Steve Carroll


Controller Candidate Interviews

Mark Larson interviewed one of several candidates for FMPA’s controller position last Tuesday. Another candidate is scheduled to visit the Agency on Monday. Following that, the interview process will resume in January.


Solar Photovoltaic Project Kickoff

Jim Hay and Sharon Smeenk attended a meeting last Wednesday in Key West to kick off construction of a solar photovoltaic demonstration project. Representatives from FMPA, Advanced Roofing, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association and Keys Energy Services met at the Eco-Discovery Center to create a timeline for the project and conduct a pre-installation inspection. The Eco-Discovery center will house a photovoltaic demonstration center accompanied by an educational kiosk. Construction will begin Dec. 14 and a dedication ceremony for the project is tentatively scheduled for late-March.


Bond Closing

FMPA closed on a bond issuance of $56.58 million last Wednesday. The bonds will provide funds for the Stanton, Stanton II, St. Lucie and Tri-City projects. Contact: Janet Davis


IT Horizon Plan

Representatives from KPMG visited FMPA last Wednesday to present a draft report of their recommendations for improving the Agency’s information systems. The core recommendation of the report is to further develop existing technology applications to better achieve FMPA’s goals. The IT Steering Committee met last Friday to review the draft and examine the feasibility and costs of implementing various recommendations. Contact: Carter Manucy


Bond Market Update

Representatives from Merrill Lynch and Bank of America visited FMPA last Wednesday to present a market update and possible alteatives for refinancing FMPA’s auction-rate securities in the current market. Contact: Mark Larson


Cane Island Unit 4 Partners Give Back to the Community

Representatives from FMPA, Kissimmee Utility Authority and Zachry presented a check for $3,000 last Friday to Central Florida Community Breadbasket. Visit FMPA’s Web” rel=”nofollow”>>Web site.



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