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May 10, 2010



ARP Business Model Working Group

The All-Requirements Project Business Model Working Group (BMWG) met last Friday to discuss: 1) FMPA’s wholesale power rates, 2) FMPA’s response to Ocala’s suggestion to develop an energy conservation advisory system, and 3) other joint action agency business models. The BMWG did not approve a staff recommendation to reduce volatility in ARP rates, and asked staff members to take a broader look at the issue and present at a future meeting a variety of options to address FMPA’s cash needs. The Group briefly reviewed other joint action agency arrangements and agreed to discuss the issue in depth at a future meeting. The BMWG will next meet May 26 at 10:30 a.m. at Cane Island Power Park for a tour of the facility. Its next working meeting is scheduled for June 14 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at FMPA. Contact: Nick Guarriello


Electricity Conservation Advisory System

Representatives from Ocala and FMPA held a conference call last Thursday to kick-off development of an electricity conservation advisory system. Ocala is interested in developing a consumer advisory to communicate the level of recommended electricity conservation. They would like to have the advisory posted in a newspaper along with the weather, like the Air Quality Index. FMPA has agreed to work with Ocala on this proposed project. A report on the kick-off meeting was presented by Mark McCain last Friday at the ARP Business Model Working Group (BMWG). Mark solicited feedback from the BMWG and invited interested cities to join the development team. The next step in initiating the project is to develop an overview document that describes the project, its purpose, desired results, key stakeholders, timing, budget and resources. Once the participants agree on the project’s nature and scope, planning will begin to outline the steps toward completion.


Board of Directors

FMPA’s Board of Directors met by conference call last Friday and appointed a Nominating Committee to elect officers for 2010-2011. The Board re-appointed Howard McKinnon from Havana, Gregg Griffin from Green Cove Springs and Rick Horst from Ocala to the Committee. Contact: Sue Utley


St. Lucie Project Investment Presentations

Members of FMPA’s Finance Department met last Tuesday to view presentations from five investment banks proposing long-term investment options for funds from the St. Lucie Project. The group will meet Wednesday with Craig Dunlap to review the proposals. Contact: Janet Davis


Phone Extensions Changed

Phone extensions for employees at FMPA’s Orlando office were changed last week to the last four digits of their direct dial numbers. Employees’ previous extensions will forward to their new lines for two weeks to provide an adjustment period for callers. Contact: Carter Manucy


Cane Island Unit 4 E-Newsletter

FMPA’s Public Relations Department published a new issue of the e-newsletter for Cane Island Unit 4 last Wednesday on>;. The issue reviews key construction milestones achieved in the first part of 2010, including the delivery of the unit’s heat recovery steam generator and the relocation of transmission lines at Cane Island Power Park. It also describes the positive impact of the construction project in the local community, through volunteerism, job creation and construction spending.




New Employee

Please welcome Chris Smart, who joins FMPA Monday as a Generation Planning Engineer. Chris previously worked as an engineer for the Weste Electric Coordinating Council, Duke Energy of North America and Nevada Power Company. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah.


Member Services Survey

FMPA’s Member Services Department is conducting a brief survey to assess a potential new member service to support members with tracking asset management, work management and compliance management. The survey only has nine questions, mostly multiple-choice, and takes only a few minutes to complete. To take the survey, visit>;. Contact: Mike Siefert


Energy Auditor Roundtable

FMPA hosts its semi-annual energy auditor roundtable Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). The roundtable will provide a forum for participants to discuss work practices, industry changes, site-specific issues, equipment and materials. GRU will also brief the group on its solar initiatives. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Risk Management Webinar

FMPA’s Contract Compliance Audit and Risk Department will participate Thursday in a webinar titled “Developing the Appropriate Risk Appetite for Your Enterprise Risk Management System. Contact: Rich Popp


Business Planning and Budget Committee

FMPA’s Business Planning and Budget Committee meets Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a workshop on the All-Requirements Project budget and to hear staff’s final recommendations on the Agency and power supply project budgets for fiscal year 2011. Contact: Mark Larson


Member Portal Spotlight: Accounting

Are you interested in tracking FMPA’s financial performance and activity? The Accounting section on the Member Portal houses financial reports that provide this information. The annual financial statements provide comprehensive reports and supplementary information for the fiscal period that ends Sept. 30 of each year. The monthly financial reports, archived back to 2007, give timely snapshots of Agency and project performance.


All-Requirements Project Load

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph will be posted Monday afteoon on the Member Portal. The graph is updated through May 9. Contact: Jim Atz


Service Anniversaries

Congratulations to Julie Clark, who celebrates two years with FMPA on Wednesday, May 12. Julie previously worked for the Agency for more than four years, for a total of more than six years of service.


Congratulations to Vicky Bidwell, who celebrates two years with FMPA on Friday, May 14.


Congratulations to Konrad Lisiewicz, who celebrates four years with FMPA on Saturday, May 15.




Groundman Certification Workshop

FMPA and Electric Cities of Georgia will host four days of Groundman Certification training for participants in the Lineman’s Safety Training Program on May 18 through May 21 at Kissimmee Utility Authority. There is no cost associated with the training, which is open to the 12 member cities who already participate in the Program. The session will cover operational and technical processes for both new and seasoned Groundmen. Contact Mike Siefert for more information or to register.


Dog Bite Prevention Workshop

FMPA hosts a Dog Bite Prevention workshop May 20 at FMPA. The workshop, presented in conjunction with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Central Florida, helps utility employees minimize the likelihood of a dog attack. The course will teach how to recognize and respond to hazardous situations with dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs. Contact: Sharon Samuels




Progress Energy Postpones Nuclear Project

Progress Energy announced last week it will postpone major construction activities at its proposed Levy County nuclear plant until the project’s federal licensing is completed. Company spokeswoman Cherie Jacobs said the company predicts the project, once slated to be online by 2016 and cost about $17 billion, will now be operational no sooner than 2021 at a cost between $17.2 billion and $22.5 billion. In the short term, Progress Energy has asked the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) for permission to cut its customers’ nuclear costs recovery by 21% next year, reducing the nuclear charge of $6.99 per month on a 1,000 kWh bill to $5.53 per month. Several factors were considered when deciding to slow the project, including the PSC’s recent decision to deny the utility a $500 million base rate increase, credit agencies’ subsequent downgrading of Progress’ financial outlook, Florida’s economic downtu and uncertainty of the federal govement’s plans for future energy regulations. The announced delay follows Florida Power and Light’s recent announcement that it will suspend activities on several major infrastructure projects, including development of two nuclear reactors at Turkey Point, after the PSC’s rejection of its rate hike request.


EPA Proposes Coal Ash Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed last Tuesday to regulate coal ash, possibly as a hazardous waste, while phasing out wet storage impoundments. The proposed new rules would still allow coal byproducts to be used in concrete, wallboard and other building materials. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said one proposed option would regulate the ash and its disposal as “special waste under the hazardous waste section of the federal Resource Recovery and Conservation Act. The other option would regulate it in the non-hazardous waste section of the law. Power plant coal ash, which contains arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, selenium and other substances defined as hazardous, has never before been regulated federally. The EPA will hold hearings and seek public comment for 90 days but has given no timetable for a decision.



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