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Aug. 8, 2011





Treasury Software Upgrade
FMPA’s Treasury Department completed the upgrade of its workstation software package, Integra-T, last Monday. The software, which was upgraded from version 6.2 to 7.8, is used to interface with banks, manage debt and control cash flow. Contact: Janet Davis


KEYS Quarterly Operating Representatives Meeting

Tim Jackson, Carter Manucy and David Schumann traveled to Key West last week for the quarterly operating representatives meeting with Keys Energy Services (KEYS). The meeting was held to discuss future outage work and budgeting for Stock Island Generating Facility. Carter also worked with KEYS to verify the safety of the facility from the AURORA vulnerability, a recent cybersecurity threat that could cause a generator to become out of synchronization with the transmission grid. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation recently released an alert regarding the vulnerability, noting that generators and other operating parts could be destroyed by a successful attack.





ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop
The ARP Executive Committee meets Tuesday at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project rate workshop. The agenda includes: 1) an update on natural gas markets and liquidity, 2) an overview of July loads, costs and rate calculations, and 3) estimated rates for September through October. Contact: Jim Atz


St. Lucie Power Plant Annual Owners’ Meeting

The St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant annual owners’ meeting will be held Friday at the plant site. Project owners will receive an update on current activity at the plant and review the plant’s performance for the past year.



All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Member Portal. The graph is updated through Aug. 7. Contact: Jim Atz


Special Dates

Congratulations to Sharon Adams, who celebrates 10 years with FMPA on Saturday, Aug. 13.


Congratulations to Sara Barron, who celebrates four years with FMPA on Saturday, Aug. 13.


Congratulations to Kristi Knight, who celebrates five years with FMPA on Sunday, Aug. 14.





Human Resources Roundtable
FMPA will hold its semi-annual Human Resources Roundtable Aug. 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Board room. Participants from FMPA’s member cities will discuss a variety of topics, such as benefits, recruiting, employee retention, training, policies and more. The roundtable is a valuable opportunity for members to share tactics to increase employee longevity and satisfaction. The roundtable will also be available via teleconference. Lunch will be provided. The deadline to>register; is Aug. 16. Contact: Mike Siefert


Board of Directors

FMPA’s Board of Directors meets Aug. 18 at 10 a.m. via conference call to review the annual performance of FMPA General Manager and CEO Nick Guarriello and FMPA General Counsel Fred Bryant. The Board of Directors has also called a special meeting scheduled for Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. in the Board room. Contact: Nick Guarriello


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee will meet Aug. 25 in the Board room at 9:30 a.m. or immediately following the Board of Directors meeting. Contact: Nick Guarriello


CR3 Participants’ Annual Meeting

The Crystal River Unit 3 participants’ annual meeting will be held Aug. 29 at 10:30 a.m. in the plant’s cafeteria/conference building. Lunch and a tour of the plant will be provided.


Utility Safety Leadership Review Course Cancelled

The Utility Safety Leadership Review Course scheduled for Sept. 22 and Sept. 23 at FMPA’s Orlando office has been cancelled. Contact: Mike Siefert


Public Power Week

Municipal electric utilities across the nation will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Public Power Week from Oct. 2 through Oct. 8. Communicating the great story that public power has to tell is a valuable way to build and maintain relationships with our communities. The APPA’s” rel=”nofollow”>>APPA’s website for more information.





APPA Calls on EPA to Revise, Repropose Utility MACT Rule
The American Public Power Association (APPA) urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last Tuesday to make substantial changes to its proposed EGU MACT rule, which would require utilities to use maximum achievable control technology to limit emissions of mercury and other air toxics from power plants. To avoid dramatic and costly impacts on consumers, APPA suggests that EPA must provide more time and flexibility for utilities to comply with the regulation and recommends that EPA reverse its decision to include acid gases and particulate matter in the rule. EPA has provided no evidence of any health risk associated with emissions of acid gases and metal hazardous air pollutants other than mercury, APPA said. If the EPA believes that non-mercury metals and acid gases should be regulated, it should be done under a less onerous health-based standard, which would decrease costs without jeopardizing public health and safety, the Association added. In a recent survey, APPA member utilities showed that they will need more time to comply with the new rule. The APPA said it is vital to address timing and cost impacts because many public power utilities are small and per-megawatt compliance costs will be higher for smaller units. In addition, the APPA continued, utilities may only have one generating unit and shutting that unit down for retrofitting would threaten reliability. According to APPA President and CEO Mark Crisson, the implications of the regulation will affect industrial customers, as well as residential customers, and both sectors will likely see a rise in electricity rates if the necessary changes are not made. An full” rel=”nofollow”>>full text of APPA’s comments are posted on the association’s website.


Ocala Utility Services Power Services Director Honored by FMEA

The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) named Ocala Utility Services Power Services Director Joe Roos the 2011 Member of the Year during its recent annual conference in Palm Beach. The award is presented annually to a member or group of members demonstrating exemplary service and dedication to Florida’s public power community. FMEA cited Roos’ dedication to Ocala Utility Services and commitment to FMEA’s Florida Lineman Competition, which is designed to highlight safe utility operations. Roos has been employed with Ocala Utility Services for nearly 30 years and active with FMEA for more than 23 years.



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