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Nov. 21, 2011





Williston Appoints FMPA Board Representative

The city of Williston recently appointed City Manager Pat Miller as the city’s representative to FMPA’s Board of Directors. Pat previously served on FMPA’s goveing board as a representative for Lake Worth in 2001 and 2002. Contact: Nick Guarriello


FMPA Board Chairman’s Son Killed in Plane Crash

Ryan Ruano, the 34-year-old son of Bushnell City Manager Vince Ruano, died Nov. 13 along with his 23-year-old cousin when the single-engine plane they were piloting crashed in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge near Boynton Beach, Fla. Ryan is survived by his parents, Vicente R. Ruano and Elizabeth (Betsy) Ross Ruano of Bushnell, and his sister, Mary Christian Ruano Lovett of Bushnell. A Memorial Celebration of Life for Ruano and McLeod was held last Saturday at the Ross Ruano Ranch in Bushnell. Ryan Ruano had a passion for aviation and joyfully shared it, helping many people in aviation and those who loved to fly. In honor of him, the Ryan Ruano Aviation Foundation has been created to provide assistance for the advancement of flight training and flight experiences. The foundation will help those who yea for the freedom of flight, but are burdened by financial circumstances, those who are terminally ill, or those who are otherwise unable to fully participate in a pilot training program.


Business Model Working Group

The All-Requirements Project’s Business Model Working Group (BMWG) met last Thursday to review and discuss Moody’s downgrade of the All-Requirements Project’s credit rating. Special guest Karl Pfeil of Wells Fargo also gave a presentation on the credit environment for All-Requirements. The BMWG will discuss options that may improve the project’s credit rating at the Committee’s next meeting scheduled for Jan. 5, 2012, at 10 a.m. in Orlando. Contact: Nick Guarriello


APPA Smart Grid Summit

Sharon Smeenk attended the American Public Power Association’s Smart Grid Summit in Orlando last Monday and Tuesday. Topics discussed included the status of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulations, interoperability standards and proposed cyber security regulations. 


ECG and FMPA Services Alliance

FMPA in partnership with Electric Cities of Georgia is providing FMPA members access to a variety of education, training and other services. Opportunities offered include: 1) safety training meetings, 2) meter maintenance program, 3) joint contracting, 4) tree trimming, 5) pole inspection and treatment, 6) padmount inspection, 7) uniform clothing, 8) pricing and sales support, 9) energy services, 10) engineering services, 11) engineering operation services, 12) technical solutions and other services. More information is available on the Member Portal. Contact: Mike Siefert


New Employees

Please welcome FMPA’s newest employees, Bret Pye and Ashley Henderscheid. Bret joined the staff last Monday as Information Technology Manager. He comes to FMPA from SAIC where he served as Network Manager. Ashley started full-time last week as Administrative Receptionist. Ashley joined FMPA this past August as Public Relations Inte. She is a student at the University of Central Florida majoring in advertising/public relations with a minor in sociology. She will graduate in early-December with a bachelor’s degree. 


FMPA Raises $13,463 for United Way

FMPA recently wrapped up its 2011 United Way Workplace Giving Campaign with employees pledging $13,463.85. The Heart of Florida United Way’s annual campaign helps fund nearly 100 local health and human service programs. The contributions of FMPA’s employees will help build safer neighborhoods, develop healthy children and families, and alleviate hunger and homelessness in the tri-county area. 





Cane Island Unit 3 Outage

Cane Island Unit 3 comes back online Monday after being offline since Nov. 5 for a scheduled outage. Scheduled maintenance and repairs included: 1) replacing all 1,008 combustion turbine inlet air filters, 2) replacing the combustion turbine atomizing air cooler, and 3) replacing the heat recovery steam generator high pressure steam vent valve and silencer. New supports were added to the pipe rack and the hot reheating piping was straightened. The cooling tower was also drained, cleaned and inspected. Contact: David Schumann


Holiday Office Closure

FMPA’s offices will be closed Thursday and Friday in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Member Portal. The graph is updated through Nov. 20. Contact: Jim Atz


Special Dates  

Congratulations to Tom Jones, who celebrates four years with FMPA on Sunday, Nov. 27. 





ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop

The APR Executive Committee will meet Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project Rate Workshop. The agenda includes: 1) an update on natural gas markets and liquidity, 2) an overview of November loads, costs and rate calculations, and 3) estimated rates for December through February. Contact: Jim Atz


Audit and Risk Oversight Committee

FMPA’s Audit and Risk Oversight Committee has been rescheduled for Dec. 8 at 8:30 a.m. in the Board room. The meeting was originally scheduled for 8 a.m. Contact: Rich Popp


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee meeting has been rescheduled for Dec. 8 at 9:30 a.m. in the Board room. The meeting was originally scheduled for 9 a.m. Contact: Nick Guarriello


FMPA Goveance Committee

FMPA’s Goveance Committee will meet Dec. 8 in the Board room at 11 a.m. or immediately following the ARP Executive Committee meeting. Contact: Nick Guarriello





OUC Decides Not to Purchase from Santee Cooper’s Summer Nuclear Units

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) has decided not to pursue a power purchase agreement with Santee Cooper for 50 MW to 100 MW from the V.C. Summer nuclear expansion project, according to a report in the Nov. 17 issue of Platts Global Power Report. OUC spokesman Tim Trudell reportedly confirmed the utility’s decision but did not provide an explanation. The same article reported that FMPA also has decided not to continue exploring the possibility of acquiring a stake in the proposed Summer Units 2 and 3.


APPA Presses Administration for More Time on Utility MACT Rule

Providing sufficient time to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed EGU MACT rule in order to maintain an adequate and reliable supply of electricity is the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) top priority, APPA President and CEO Mark Crisson told Obama administration officials. In a Nov. 16 letter to Office of Management and Budget Natural Resources and Environment Branch Chief Dominic Mancini and other administration officials, Crisson said the sheer scale of efforts to comply with the rule regulating fossil plant emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants will be enormous. While the proposed rule would allow 48 months for compliance, a survey of APPA members found 99% of public power’s coal-fired plants would need 77 months to conduct system planning, convene public meetings, obtain financing, construct, install and calibrate for use all the required control technologies, Crisson said in the letter. In its extensive comments on the proposed rule, APPA recommended an administrative mechanism for providing additional compliance time, using the Clean Air Act Title V permitting program, Crisson said. That mechanism, which is within EPA’s authority under the act, would provide necessary time for improving air quality while also preventing public power utilities from being in criminal noncompliance with the act and shielding them from citizen suits, he said. While APPA would prefer the Title V permit mechanism, the association is open to the use of presidential exemptions or other approaches that would achieve the same goals, he added. Whatever mechanism is adopted should be included in the final EGU MACT rule, he said, which is due to be issued on Dec. 16, 2011.



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