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July 1, 2013





3 Phase Times

FMPA’s Power Resources Division published last Monday the May 2013 edition of 3 Phase Times. This monthly report provides information about the All-Requirements Project’s (ARP) system peak, hourly loads, resource fuel mix, natural gas usage, natural gas pricing and more performance information. The report shows that in May energy resources totaled 636,001 MWhs, which was 4.7% lower than projected in the short-term forecast. The lower total energy output was due to a significant number of overcast days. For more information, download 3 Phase Times from the Member Portal. Contact: Tom Reedy


Keys Import Upgrade Project 

The Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (FKEC), with FMPA’s support, issued a request for bids for phase two of the project to increase the import capacity of the transmission line that runs to the Florida Keys from the mainland. This phase includes the installation of a 17 ohm series capacitor and a special protection system to protect the transmission line from the mainland to the Islamorada substation from overloads by shedding load to assist post-transient voltage recovery and reducing imports to within ratings following a contingency. When complete, the import capacity of the line will be increased to 320 MW from 277 MW, allowing more economic imports and the retirement of the static condenser at the Stock Island Generating Facility. FMPA, Keys Energy Services and FKEC are partners in the project. Contact: Frank Gaffney


FRCC Compliance Audits

The Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) released FMPA’s compliance audit schedule, which was rescheduled from 2015 to early 2014. FMPA has been asked to confirm Jan. 21 through Jan. 27 for the cyber security compliance audit and March 17 through March 21 for the operations and planning compliance audit. FMPA’s Regulatory Compliance Department is working to prepare for the audits. Contact: Frank Gaffney


Finance Meeting

Mark Larson met last Thursday via conference call with representatives from Wells Fargo to discuss their analysis of the Taylor interest rate swaps and options to minimize the termination costs. Proposed solutions will be discussed at the next Taylor swaps workshop.


Hurricane Recovery Services Available

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season got off to a busy start last month. FMPA would like to remind members about two storm-related service contracts available through the Member Services Department. FMPA has developed pricing agreements with Osmose Utilities Services for post-storm damage assessment and with OKs Cascade for temporary worker housing and equipment services after a hurricane hits. Pricing under both agreements is available to all FMPA members. Contact: Sharon Smeenk 





New Employee

Please welcome Carol Chinn, FMPA’s new Assistant Compliance Officer, to the staff on Monday. Carol comes to FMPA from the American Transmission Company where she served as Vice President and Chief Operation Officer. She has many years of experience in the electric utility industry, including positions with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Georgia Transmission Corporation and Florida Power & Light. Carol has a master’s degree in business from the University of Florida, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Miami and a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Florida.


Independence Day

FMPA’s offices will be closed Thursday to celebrate Independence Day. Have a safe and happy holiday.


APR Conservation Program Quarterly Reports

All-Requirements Project (ARP) members are reminded to submit quarterly reports by July 15 documenting energy conservation efforts between April 1 and June 30. The quarterly report form is available on the Member Portal. If you have no activity to report, please contact Sharon Smeenk and let her know.


All-Requirements Project June Load Statistics

The All-Requirements Project’s peak for June was 1,181 MW, which occurred June 18 between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. The project’s load factor for June was 68%. Load factor is a ratio of actual energy (MWh) used during the period versus what would have been consumed if demand was at peak for the entire period. A higher load factor indicates more effective system utilization and results in lower average costs. The month’s peak was 98% of the budgeted peak, and energy was 99% of the budget. A graph showing the All-Requirements Project hourly load for June is available on the Member Portal. Contact: Jim Atz


Special Dates 

Congratulations to Janet Davis, who celebrates 14 years with FMPA on Saturday, July 6. 





ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop

The ARP Executive Committee will meet July 9 at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project rate workshop. Contact: Jim Atz


Policy Makers Liaisons Committee

FMPA’s Policy Makers Liaisons Committee meets July 18 at 3 p.m. during the FMEA-FMPA Annual Conference in Fort Myers, Fla. A quorum is required for this meeting to conduct annual election of officers. Contact: Mark McCain


2013 FMEA-FMPA Annual Conference

Former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke will speak at the 2013 FMEA-FMPA Annual Conference scheduled for July 16-19 at Sanibel Harbour Resort in Fort Myers, Fla. As a high school senior, Chris was drafted in the second round of the 1990 Major League Baseball draft by the Toronto Blue Jays. After six difficult years in the minor leagues, he left baseball and enrolled at Florida State University where he enjoyed great success playing football. As the starting quarterback, Chris led the Seminoles to the 1999 BCS National Championship and became the oldest person to receive the Heisman Trophy in 2000. In 2001, the Carolina Panthers selected him in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. Chris will discuss what differentiates great leaders and how individual success sparks team success. The conference will also feature many networking and leaing opportunities. Visit” target=_blank>FMEA’s website for more conference information.





Obama Nominates Ron Binz to head FERC

President Barack Obama nominated Ron Binz last Thursday to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Binz is the former head of Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission and a proponent of renewable energy. Binz has been nominated as a commissioner and, upon appointment, will replace departing chairman Jon Wellinghoff. Binz’s nomination to the five-member panel requires Senate confirmation.


Lisa Johnson Named Seminole Electric Cooperative CEO

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative executive Lisa Johnson has been named Seminole Electric Cooperative’s new CEO and General Manager effective Aug. 1. Johnson replaces Timothy Woodbury, who will continue to advise Seminole Electric and its members until his retirement in December. Johnson will be the first female chief executive of a fully integrated U.S. generation and transmission cooperative, according to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. She has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and materials science from Duke University and serves as a board member and chair of the Cooperative Research Network.



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