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Oct. 5, 2015




General Fund Transfer Survey

FMPA published results of an annual survey of general fund transfer policies among its members. Twenty-seven members responded to the survey. The survey report shows the retail sales, total operating electric revenues and electric fund transfers for each member. The full report is available on the Member Portal. Contact: Michele Jackson


3 Phase Times

FMPA’s Power Resources Division published the August 2015 edition of 3 Phase Times. This monthly report provides information about the All-Requirements Project’s (ARP) system peak, hourly loads, resource fuel mix, natural gas usage, natural gas pricing and more performance information. The report shows that in August natural gas represented 83.7% of the ARP’s total resource fuel mix, which was similar to July. FMPA electric generating units used 3,092,696 MMBtus of natural gas, 17% less than the fiscal 2015 budget projection. For more information, download 3 Phase Times from the Member Portal. Contact: Frank Gaffney


All-Requirements Project September Load Statistics

The All-Requirements Project’s non-Contract Rate of Delivery peak for September was 1,131 MW, which occurred Sept. 11 between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. The project’s load factor for September was 66%. Load factor is a ratio of actual energy (MWh) used during the period versus what would have been consumed if demand was at peak for the entire period. A higher load factor indicates more effective system utilization and results in lower average costs. The month’s peak was 106% of the budgeted peak, and energy was 104% of the budget. A graph showing the All-Requirements Project hourly load for September is available on the Member Portal. Contact: Jim Atz





Joint Legislative Auditing Committee

Bill Conrad, Howard McKinnon, Nick Guarriello, Fred Bryant, Mark McCain and Jody Finklea are attending a meeting of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC) in Tallahassee. Committee staff sent a letter to FMPA stating that the Committee Chair, Senator Abruzzo, requested FMPA’s attendance at the meeting where the Committee would continue its discussion of the Auditor General’s audit of FMPA. The meeting is scheduled from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Room 301 of the Senate Office Building. The meeting agenda will include items in addition to FMPA’s audit. The Auditor General’s Office has been asked to provide a recap of the audit findings. FMPA has been asked to provide an update of corrective actions that have been taken or are planned to address the findings and to answer questions from JLAC members.


Public Power Week

Municipal electric utilities across the nation celebrate Public Power Week this week. This annual event is a great time for local utilities to reach out to citizens in their communities to communicate the unique benefits of public power. FMPA would like to highlight your events. Send your Public Power Week stories toRyan DumasorNathalia Romanoto have your utility’s celebration featured in FMPA Weekly and on the Member Portal.


Lineman’s Roundtable

FMPA hosts a Lineman’s Roundtable on Thursday at 10 a.m. at Ocala Utility Services’ Operations Center. The roundtable provides a forum for line crews to exchange ideas on operating practices, safety, training, tools, equipment and othercommon issues. Attendance is free, and lunch will be provided. Contact: Sharon Samuels


ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop

The ARP Executive Committee meets Thursday at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project Rate Workshop. The agenda includes: 1) an update on natural gas markets and liquidity, 2) an overview of September operations, loads, costs and rate calculations, and 3) estimated rates for October through December. Contact: Jim Atz


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph will be posted to the Member Portal later this week. The graph is updated through Oct. 4. Contact: Jim Atz


Special Dates

Congratulations to Jody Finklea, who celebrates 14 years with FMPA on Thursday, Oct. 8.


Congratulations to Jaye Godin, who celebrates three years with FMPA on Thursday, Oct. 8.





Energy Auditors Roundtable

FMPA will host an Energy Auditors Roundtable on Nov. 12 at 10 a.m. at the Publix Dairy Facility in Lakeland. This semi-annual roundtable provides a forum for participants to discuss topics such as work procedures, policies and practices, industry changes, equipment and materials, and other topics of interest. The roundtable is open to any utility staff member who has an interest in energy audit related topics.> style=font-family: ‘Georgia’,serif; color: windowtext;>Registration is requested by Nov. 5. Lunch will be provided. Contact: Sharon Samuels


FMEA Energy Connections Conference

The Florida Municipal Electric Association’s (FMEA) Energy Connections Conference is scheduled for Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando. General session topics will include communicating with customers through social media, call center management strategies, transformer fundamentals, emergency communication strategies, substation security and more. Visit FMEA’s> style=color: windowtext;>website for more information.





Duke to Build Solar Project in Osceola County

Duke Energy Florida plans to build a 3.8 MW solar project in Osceola County, the first of its long-range plan to install 35 MW of solar power by 2018 and up to 500 MW in Florida by 2024. These solar installations will complement a new combined-cycle natural gas plant to be built in Citrus County, an upgrade of a combined-cycle energy complex in Polk County and the purchase of the Osprey Energy Center. Duke officials said these projects will allow the company to meet its need for additional capacity beginning in 2018 and to retire half of its Florida coal-fired generation by that same year. Construction of the Osceola Solar Facility will begin once permits are approved. The facility is expected to come online in early 2016.



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