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Nov. 9, 2015 




Rep. Mayfield Files Bill Targeting FMPA

Rep. Debbie Mayfield (R-Vero Beach) filed a bill last Wednesday in the Florida House of Representatives for the 2016 legislative session that would subject FMPA to several new regulatory requirements. If passed,> style=font-family: Georgia, serif; color: windowtext;>House Bill 579 would: 1) require additional financial reporting for each individual generating asset of FMPA, including an annual “fair market value of each asset as determined by a “willing buyer and willing seller, 2) mandate that each member of FMPA’s goveing body be an elected official, 3) expand the duties of the state Public Counsel to include proceedings of FMPA, and 4) subject FMPA to regulation by the Public Service Commission. The 60-day regular legislative session is scheduled to begin Jan. 12, 2016. Contact: Mark McCain


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee held a special-called meeting last Thursday via conference call to discuss an opportunity to terminate oil hedges held for FMPA in Public Gas Partners. The members agreed to hold another special-called meeting Monday, Nov. 9 at 2:15 p.m., or immediately following the ARP Rate Workshop, to consider action on the matter. Contact: Nick Guarriello


Joint Action Solar PV Project

FMPA is reaching out to Florida’s municipal electric utilities to explore potential interest in a joint action solar photovoltaic (PV) project. Since many municipals are looking at options for incorporating solar into their generation resource mix, FMPA is investigating a joint project to enhance economies of scale. By working together, cities could opt for just the amount of solar they want—whether that’s large or small—while benefitting from the economies of a utility-scale project. FMPA is aiming for an initial, non-binding expression of interest by Dec. 1. FMPA’s Planning Department can provide more information to help present this opportunity to a utility’s goveing board. Contact: Michele Jackson





ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop

The ARP Executive Committee meets Monday at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project Rate Workshop. The agenda includes: 1) an update on natural gas markets and liquidity, 2) an overview of October operations, loads, costs and rate calculations, and 3) estimated rates for November through January. The complete agenda package is available on the Member Portal. Contact: Jim Atz


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee meets Monday via conference call at 2:15 p.m. or immediately following the ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop. The Committee will consider action on an opportunity to terminate FMPA’s Public Gas Partners’ oil hedges. Contact: Nick Guarriello


Member City Visits

Fred Bryant and Tom Richards travel to Gainesville Regional Utilities on Monday for a member city visit with General Manager Ed Bielarski, Assistant General Manager for Energy Delivery Dave Beaulieu and Chief Operating Officer Tom Brown. On Tuesday, Tom travels to Newberry for a member city visit with Mayor Bill Conrad. On Thursday, Tom and Fred travel to Havana for a member city visit with Town Manager Howard McKinnon.


Energy Auditors Roundtable

FMPA hosts an Energy Auditors Roundtable on Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Publix Dairy Facility in Lakeland. This semi-annual roundtable provides a forum for participants to discuss topics such as work procedures, policies and practices, industry changes, equipment and materials, and other topics of interest. The roundtable is open to any utility staff member who has an interest in energy audit related topics. Contact: Sharon Samuels


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Member Portal. The graph is updated through Nov. 8. Contact: Jim Atz


Special Dates

Congratulations to David Schumann, who celebrates 13 years with FMPA on Wednesday, Nov. 11.


Congratulations to Ryan Dumas, who celebrates five years with FMPA on Sunday, Nov. 15.





Board of Directors

FMPA’s Board of Directors will meet Nov. 19 at 9:30 a.m. in the Board room. Contact: Nick Guarriello


ARP Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee will meet Nov. 19 in the Board room at 10 a.m. or immediately following the Board of Directors. Contact: Nick Guarriello


Purchasing Roundtable

FMPA will host a Purchasing Roundtable on Dec. 10 at 10 a.m. in FMPA’s Orlando office. The roundtable provides a forum for purchasing personnel to discuss work procedures, policies, industry changes, equipment and other topics of interest.> style=font-family: ‘Georgia’,serif; color: windowtext;>Registration is requested by Dec. 2. Lunch will be provided. Contact: Sharon Samuels





IOU Hedging Losses Top $6 Billion; Consumer Advocates Call for Halt to Hedging

The fuel hedging programs of Florida’s four major investor-owned utilities have cost consumers more than $6 billion since 2002, according to reports discussed last week at an administrative hearing by the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC). As a result, the Office of Public Counsel and other consumer groups called on the PSC to put a halt to hedging. Florida Power & Light (FPL), Duke Energy Florida, Gulf Power and TECO don’t dispute the losses but say that hedging has been successful because it reduced price volatility for consumers. FPL’s hedging program is projected to lose $490 million this year, bringing its total losses to $4 billion since 2002, the largest losses of the four utilities. FPL was also questioned about its natural gas production investments in Oklahoma’s Woodford Shale region. Through September, FPL customers have lost $5.5 million due to the Woodford project, as the cost of production and delivery is higher than the market price of gas. FPL is seeking to collect more than $88 million from its customers for Woodford this year and next year, and FPL also expects the project to lose money in 2016, according to news reports from the PSC hearing.


PSC Approves FPL Rate Decrease

The Florida Public Service Commission approved a request by Florida Power & Light (FPL) . he monthly bill of aBusinesses will also see a decrease in power bills next year, with savings of 2% to 6%, depending on the customer’s rate class and type of service. he decrease is due to lower fuel costs and lower fuel consumption.



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