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Oct. 2, 2017





Sen. Debbie Mayfield informed Jacob Williams last week that she asked the Florida Legislature’s Joint Legislative Auditing Committee to defer the study of FMPA by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Govement Accountability (OPPAGA). The study had been scheduled to begin Oct. 1, but will be postponed until after Jan. 1, 2018. Sen. Mayfield delayed the study as a result of efforts by FMPA and its members to transfer Vero Beach’s interests in three FMPA power projects in order to sell the city’s electric utility. Delaying the OPPAGA study allows FMPA and its members to continue focusing on developing all necessary documents and seeking approved by project participants and other third parties during the next three months. FMPA’s goal is to secure approvals from all 19 cities by the end of December so that FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee can hear the item in January for information and then set the matter for action in February. Contact: Jacob Williams


ARP Conservation Program

The All-Requirements Project’s (ARP) Conservation Program was reauthorized for fiscal 2018 by the Executive Committee at the funding level of $750,000, an increase of $50,000 over fiscal 2017. In addition to updated allocations for each ARP participant, each city can use any unspent funds from previous fiscal years. The latest version of the Quarterly Member Report form was sent in an email from Sharon Smeenk last Monday. The new form should be used to report activity starting Oct. 1. ARP members are reminded to submit fourth quarter Conservation Reports for July 2017 through September 2017 to Sharon by Oct. 16.


APPA Legislative Rally

All 14 slots were filled last week for the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) annual Legislative Rally scheduled for Feb. 26-28, 2018, in Washington, D.C. The Rally is an opportunity for members of the public power community to participate in the federal legislative process. FMPA has budgeted funds to pay the travel expenses for 14 members to attend the Rally. If other members are interested in attending, email Mark McCain to be put on the waiting list.


Meal Per Diem Calculator

FMPA’s Meal Per Diem Calculator updated for fiscal 2018 is available on the Portal. Meal rates for Florida are the same as fiscal 2017. The fiscal 2018 version of the calculator includes a new pop-up calendar for selecting travel dates. The calculator is used by Executive Committee members whose travel to FMPA meetings qualifies for meal reimbursement. Contact: Mark McCain


United Way’s Day of Caring

Ten FMPA employees participated last Friday in United Way’s Day of Caring, marking the ninth year that FMPA has served in Central Florida’s largest volunteer event. This year’s project involved repairing a fence, cleaning gutters, collecting exterior debris, cleaning a kitchen and moving fuiture at IMPOWER in Winter Park. Special thanks to our 10 volunteers: Ryan Dumas, Chris Gowder, Ellen Leatherman, Trent Lewis, Konrad Lisiewicz, Mark McCain, Navid Nowakhtar, David Schumann, Susan Schumann and Kurian Varghese.


All-Requirements Project September Load Statistics

The All-Requirements Project’s non-Contract Rate of Delivery peak for the month of September was 1,150 MW, which occurred Sept. 1 between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. The project’s load factor for September was 63%. Load factor is a ratio of actual energy (MWh) used during the period versus what would have been consumed if demand was at peak for the entire period. A higher load factor indicates more effective system utilization and results in lower average costs. The monthly peak was 105% of the budgeted peak, and energy was 104% of the budget. A graph showing the All-Requirements Project monthly load for September is available on the Portal. Contact: Jim Atz






Public Power Week

Municipal electric utilities across the nation celebrate Public Power Week starting Oct. 1. This annual event is a great time for local utilities to reach out to citizens in their communities to communicate the unique benefits of public power. FMPA would like to highlight your events. Send your Public Power Week stories to Jeff Grainger or Holly Cammisa to have your utility’s celebration featured in FMPA Weekly and on FMPA’s social media channels.


Member City Visit

Jacob Williams is scheduled to visit Green Cove Springs on Tuesday to give a presentation to the City Council on the proposed sale of Vero Beach’s electric utility.


Introductory Visits

Mike McCleary travels to Blountstown, Chattahoochee, Havana and Quincy this week to continue his introductory meetings with FMPA’s member cities. He will also meet with the Florida Municipal Electric Association. Last week, he visited Green Cove Springs and Jacksonville Beach. Mike sent an email Aug. 7 to FMPA members explaining his goal of setting up meetings to gain firsthand knowledge of each utility. Members who have not scheduled meetings with Mike are encouraged to do so.


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Portal. The graph is updated through Oct. 1. Contact: Jim Atz


Special Dates  

Congratulations to Jody Finklea, who celebrates 16 years with FMPA on Sunday, Oct. 8.


Congratulations to Jaye Godin, who celebrates five years with FMPA on Sunday, Oct. 8.





ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop

The ARP Executive Committee will meet Oct. 9 at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project Rate Workshop. Contact: Jason Wolfe


IT Community Roundtable

Thursday is the deadline to> style=color: windowtext; text-decoration: underline;>register for FMPA’s Information Technology (IT) Community Roundtable to be held Oct. 12 at 10 a.m. at FMPA’s Orlando office. Discussion topics include email usage, computer security, technical product help and more. Attendance is free and open to IT personnel on all levels. Lunch will be provided. Contact: Sharon Smeenk


October Goveing Board Meetings

FMPA’s Policy Makers Liaisons Committee will meet in Fort Pierce on the afteoon of Oct. 18 to tour the Treasure Coast Energy Center. FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee will meet Oct. 19 at offices of the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority. Contact: Jacob Williams


Linemen’s Roundtable

FMPA’s Linemen’s Roundtable will be held Oct. 26 at Beaches Energy Services in Jacksonville Beach. The roundtable is open to all levels of utility line crew personnel and any utility staff member who has an interest in transmission and distribution topics. The roundtable provides a forum for line crews to exchange ideas on operating practices, safety, training, tools, equipment and more.> style=color: windowtext; text-decoration: underline;>Registration is available until Oct. 18 on FMPA’s website. Contact: Sharon Smeenk


Utility Communicators’ Roundtable

FMPA will host a Utility Communicators’ Roundtable on Nov. 2 at 10 a.m. at FMPA’s Orlando office. The roundtable provides a forum for utility communicators to discuss issues common to communications and marketing departments at public power utilities. The roundtable is free, and lunch will be provided.> style=color: windowtext; text-decoration: underline;>Registration is available until Oct. 20 on FMPA’s website. Participants are encouraged to suggest discussion topics. Contact: Sharon Smeenk





Tampa Electric Files for Rate Increase to Fund Solar Energy Expansion

Tampa Electric Company (TECO) filed last Wednesday with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) seeking a “general base-rate freeze through 2021, although the company requested the ability to recoup additional costs for 600 MW of proposed solar energy projects. This proposal is supported by the state Office of Public Counsel, business groups and federal-govement agencies. The first phase of the solar expansion, consisting of two projects totaling 150 MW, is planned to be complete in September 2018 with additional phases in 2019, 2020 and 2021. When the projects are complete, TECO estimates nearly 7% of its energy will come from solar. TECO said it plans to invest about $850 million in these solar projects over four years. As the solar projects are completed, they will cost a typical residential customer who uses 1,000 kWh per month about 1% a year, or about $1, on the average monthly residential bill. The projects over their lifetime are expected to provide savings to customers in the form of lower fuel costs, TECO said. The PSC is expected to rule by the end of 2017. If approved, the rate increase could be effective Jan. 1, 2018.


Regulators Approve St. Johns Coal Plant Closure in Florida

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) last Monday approved plans to shut down the St. Johns River Power Park, a coal-fired power plant in Jacksonville jointly owned by JEA and Florida Power & Light (FPL). The PSC said the closure of the 1,252 MW plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5.6 million tons and save customers an estimated $183 million in fuel costs. To close the plant earlier than planned, FPL will make a payment to JEA, the unit’s primary owner and operator. The PSC approved plans for FPL to pay JEA $90.4 million and assign FPL’s portion of the plant’s debt service reserve fund, bringing the total value to approximately $134 million. The plant is scheduled to close by Jan. 5, 2018.


ITC Rules Against Solar Imports

The U.S. Inteational Trade Commission (ITC) unanimously ruled Sept. 22 that solar product imports were a “cause of serious injury to U.S. solar manufacturers. The ruling was issued in response to a complaint filed by solar manufacturers Suniva and SolarWorld in April. The ITC will hold a public hearing Tuesday to discuss ways to reduce the harm of imported solar panels. A recommendation on potential solutions, including tariffs and quotas, must be submitted to President Trump by Nov. 13. Solar companies, utilities and goveors have all expressed conce about introducing tariffs on solar product imports because it would increase the cost of solar power. Once the ITC submits a recommendation, the president will have 60 days to make a decision.



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