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Dec. 11, 2017




Vero Beach Member City Votes

The goveing boards for Bushnell, Green Cove Springs, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Moore Haven and Starke approved a resolution last week that will enable the City of Vero Beach to sell its electric utility. Eight out of 19 member cities have now approved the necessary consents and waivers. Vero Beach City Council also approved a transfer agreement last Tuesday that is necessary for the sale to take place. Contact: Jacob Williams


Stanton Unit A

There was a small fire last Monday at Stanton Unit A, a combined-cycle unit at the Stanton Energy Center operated by Southe Company. The fire appears to have started near the exhaust of the combustion turbine and damaged wiring in the cable trays. The unit is offline for repairs and is expected to come back online later this week. Contact: David Schumann


Call Center Support Services RFP

FMPA started developing a request for proposal (RFP) for Call Center Support Services. The RFP will be issued on behalf of members interested in contracting with a company to handle after hours or roll-over customer service calls. Several members have expressed interest in this service during Mike McCleary’s member city visits. Members interested in participating or being part of the RFP process should contact Sharon Smeenk.





Vero Beach Member City Votes

Three FMPA member cities are scheduled to vote this week on a resolution that would enable the City of Vero Beach to sell its electric utility. On Monday, Jacob Williams travels to Leesburg and Jody Finklea travels to Alachua. The Newberry City Commission will also hold a vote on Monday.


Fred Bryant’s Retirement Dinner

FMPA hosts a retirement dinner for Fred Bryant on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Highland Manor in Apopka to thank him for his decades of service to municipal electric utilities. Contact: Mark McCain


Audit and Risk Oversight Committee

The Audit and Risk Oversight Committee (AROC) meets Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the Board room of FMPA’s Orlando office. The committee will hear four information items: 1) St. Lucie capital appreciation bonds quarterly update, 2) 2017 generation performance report, 3) fuel market update, and 4) risk management policy reviews. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Rich Popp


Board of Directors

FMPA’s Board of Directors meets Thursday in the Board room at 9:30 a.m., or immediately following the AROC meeting. The Board will consider two action items: 1) approval of the retu of $5 million from the Development Fund, and 2) approval of the 2018 Board of Directors meeting schedule. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets Thursday in the Board room at 10 a.m., or immediately following the Board of Directors meeting. The Committee will consider one action item for approval of the 2018 meeting schedule and five information items: 1) ARP Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreement and ARP Solar Participant Agreement with revised schedule B-1 with a solar energy surcharge, 2) contingent liabilities for Lake Worth pertaining to the Vero Beach transaction, 3) extension of the Bank of America letter of credit, 4) quarterly regulatory compliance update, and 5) results of preliminary fiscal 2017 year-end financials. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Portal. The graph is updated through Dec. 10. Contact: Jim Atz





Cyber Mutual Assistance

FMPA will host a Cyber Mutual Assistance (CMA) regional meeting on Jan. 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at FMPA’s Orlando office. The meeting is for staff members of utilities who are current CMA members but who are unable to attend the national meetings. If your utility is not a current CMA member, you must sign a CMA participation agreement and non-disclosure agreement prior to attending. Discussion topics will include: 1) overview of the CMA and how it could be used, 2) benefits of a regional CMA, 3) the CMA playbook, and more. Contact Carter Manucy to sign up for either the CMA program or the regional meeting.



INDUSTRY NEWS> style=color: windowtext; text-decoration: underline;>Workman Resigns PSC Seat After Misconduct Allegation

Ritch Workman, a former state House member appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to serve on the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC), resigned last Monday after being accused of sexual misconduct by a state senator. Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto said in a statement that Workman touched her inappropriately and made vulgar comments to her at a charity event in 2016. Workman was scheduled to be seated on the PSC in January but needed Senate confirmation during the 2018 legislative session to serve in the position. The goveor’s office issued a statement supporting Workman’s decision to resign.> style=color: windowtext; text-decoration: underline;>JEA to Study Privatization

The chairman of JEA’s Board of Directors requested the utility’s CEO Paul McElroy to commission an expedited review of JEA’s assets to help determine whether it is viable to sell Jacksonville’s city-owned electric and water utility to a private company. Chairman Alan Howard told McElroy he would like the report within 90 days. Howard’s request followed a suggestion by JEA Board member Tom Petway that the utility explore privatizing. Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry issued a statement supporting the study. A similar study conducted in 2007 by the City Council Auditor’s office determined that JEA was worth $2 billion to the city and would be worth $3.1 billion to a private utility.> style=color: windowtext; text-decoration: underline;>House Subcommittee Approves Bill on Underground Power Lines

The Florida House Natural Resources and Public Lands Subcommittee passed a bill (HB 405) last Wednesday in a 13-1 vote that would give the Florida Public Service Commission exclusive jurisdiction to determine if underground transmission lines are required for power plant projects. The bill now goes to the Commerce Committee, its third and final House committee reference. A companion bill has been filed in the Senate (SB 494). It passed one committee and is pending in the Community Affairs Committee.



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