FMPA Weekly | Feb. 3, 2020 | Member Edition

Feb. 3, 2020




Municipal Electric Costs Declining
The average residential electric bill for Florida’s municipal electric utilities went down in 2019 compared to 2018, while the average bill for the state’s investor-owned utilities went up. Municipal utilities are providing the lowest rates in the state, and the municipal weighted average is lower than the weighted average of investor-owned utilities. Contact: Jacob Williams


FMPA Weekly Refresh Project

FMPA Weekly has a refreshed look beginning this week in honor of the newsletter’s 20th anniversary. The weekly newsletter was created in February 2000 as an internal communication tool for FMPA employees, and later, its distribution was expanded to include members. The goal of the newsletter is to provide timely, worthwhile information about what is happening at the Agency. Thanks to all the FMPA employees and members who provided feedback in a survey and focus groups offering input on the newsletter’s revisions. Contact: Mark McCain


New Electric Director at Fort Meade

Fort Meade welcomes the city’s first Electric Director, Jan Bagnall, who starts on Monday. Jan will serve as the city’s representative on FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee beginning in March, replacing Fort Meade’s retired City Manager Fred Hilliard. Thanks to Fred for his years of service to the Agency.


Solar I Project

The Solar I Project committees hold a joint meeting Monday at 2 p.m. via conference call to approve the Poinsett Solar Energy Center’s amended Power Purchase Agreement. Contact: Susan Schumann


Green Cove Springs City Council Presentation

Jacob Williams and Jody Finklea visit Green Cove Springs on Tuesday to give a presentation to the City Council on the All-Requirements Project’s (ARP) future resource decisions and project structure implications. The ARP participants are discussing how the project will make future resource decisions and considering what governance alternatives are most appropriate. The purpose of this presentation is to brief Green Cove Springs’ Council on this discussion, which will continue with ARP participants during 2020.


Power Outage Video

FMPA’s Public Relations Department and communications staff at member utilities are developing a short video that explains why some residential customers might not have power while their neighbors do. Created in white-board style, the animated video is designed for use on social media after power outages. The videos can be customized with a utility’s logo. Interested cities can contact Melisa Inanc for a custom video.


Lake Worth Beach Financial Support

FMPA’s Finance Department is working with Lake Worth Beach to secure resources for helping complete the city’s audited financials. Contact: Linda Howard


Position Change
FMPA’s Chief Information Security Officer Carol Chinn will reduce her responsibilities and take on a part-time role at the Agency in April. During the transition period, Jacob Williams will oversee Information Technology, and Carol will continue to focus on NERC and FERC support for members.





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ARP Telephonic Rate Workshop
Feb. 11 | 2 p.m. | Conference Call


FMPA Governing Board Meetings
Feb. 13 | FMPA’s Orlando Office


Regional Crew Leader Roundtables
Feb. 25, New Smyrna Beach | Feb. 27, Blountstown


Meter Tech Roundtable
March 26 | 10 a.m. | Ocala Electric Utility


Foreman Academy
March 30 – April 2 | FMPA’s Orlando




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JEA Board Resigns After CEO Aaron Zahn is Terminated with Cause


Net Metering: Costs, Customers and a Smart Way Forward for Florida


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