FMPA Weekly | May 4, 2020 | Member Edition

May 4, 2020


TOP NEWS                                                           

FMPA Return to Office Plan
Gov. DeSantis announced plans last Wednesday to re-open Florida with a three-phase approach. In alignment with the governor’s plan, FMPA is following a similar plan to safely return its team members to the office. Phase I began last Monday with employees who had already been in the office on a limited schedule during this pandemic. Phase 2 begins on Monday, May 11 with the office being open to additional team members. Team members who have medical conditions or other circumstances will continue to work remotely during Phase 2. If everything goes as planned, all team members will be able to return to the office after Memorial Day. FMPA’s Leadership team continues to evaluate the situation to ensure the health and safety of team members and will adjust the plan accordingly.

Cities Continue to Bring the Savings Forward
New Smyrna Beach joined the list of cities to offer financial relief to customers. As of last Friday, 22 Florida public power utilities are reducing electric bills. These utilities serve more than 3.7 million Floridians who will benefit from $63 million in savings over next several months. Other cities including Bartow are considering similar opportunities. FMPA’s team members are available to assist members with financial analysis, communications and other projects.

Power Sale to Reedy Creek
FMPA’s All-Requirements Project’s (ARP) overnight sale of energy to Reedy Creek Improvement District that began in January has been extended for the summer and will run through September. This arrangement allows for more optimal utilization of ARP’s generation that is online overnight. Contact: Chris Gowder

Planned Maintenance Outage
Treasure Coast Energy Center (TCEC) went offline on Saturday for a planned maintenance outage. Tobin Laborde travelled to TCEC on Sunday and will remain on-site through Wednesday to provide operational support to power plant staff. TCEC is scheduled to come back online May 12. Contact: David Schumann

NERC Activity Deferral
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) announced its decision last week to postpone on-site audits and activities until Sept. 7. This will allow registered entities to focus their resources on keeping workforces safe and the lights on during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact: Truong Le

Position Change
FMPA’s Chief Information Security Officer Carol Chinn transitions to a part-time role on Monday. During the transition period, Jacob Williams will oversee Information Technology, and Carol will focus on NERC and FERC support for members. Carol will continue to lead FMPA’s cybersecurity efforts and oversee the Operational Technology Department. She will stay involved in regulatory matters to influence policy making and other decisions on reliability and security compliance. Carol will continue to provide members regulatory compliance support as needed.



Lindsay Lister | May 8 | 14 Years



Hurricane Preparedness Webinar Series
May 6 | 1 p.m. | Teleconference

ARP Rate Workshop
May 12 | 2 p.m. | Teleconference

Finance Committee
May 20 | 1 p.m. | Teleconference

ARP Workshop
May 20 | 3 p.m. | Teleconference

FMPA Governing Board Meetings
May 21 | 9 a.m. | Teleconference




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