FMPA Weekly | Aug. 3, 2020 | Member Edition

Aug. 3, 2020

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Officer Elections
FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee elected officers last Wednesday for 2020-2021. The Board re-elected Barbara Quiñones as Chair, Lynne Tejeda as Vice Chair, Larry Mattern as Secretary and Allen Putnam as Treasurer. The Executive Committee re-elected Howard McKinnon as Chair and Lynne Tejeda as Vice Chair. Contact: Jacob Williams

Storm Preparations
FMPA’s power plants performed as expected during Tropical Storm Isaias, and there was no damage to any of the power generating units. Isaias was a Category 1 hurricane as it targeted Florida’s East Coast but lost strength after crossing the Bahamas. In preparation of the storm, FMPA and power plant team members reviewed critical supply inventories and prepared the plants for high winds and heavy rain. Alternative work schedules were developed with implementation based on the storm’s path and intensity. The team’s efforts to ensure we could continue to provide reliable power during the storm is greatly appreciated. Contact: David Schumann

Board of Directors
FMPA’s Board of Directors met last Wednesday and approved one action item. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams

Executive Committee
The ARP Executive Committee met last Wednesday and approved two action items. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams

Policy Makers Liaisons Committee
FMPA’s Policy Makers Liaisons Committee (PMLC) met last Wednesday and discussed three information items. As part of the meeting, Jacob Williams recognized Kathleen Thacker, Board of Directors Chair of Kissimmee Utility Authority and Chair of FMPA’s PMLC, for her efforts and contributions to FMPA and its members. FMPA will schedule a special telephonic meeting to vote on the action items to elect officers and approve the meeting schedule for 2020-2021. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Mark McCain

KEYS Provides Reliable Service
One of FMPA’s management goals is to increase reliability support to Stock Island Generating Facility and to ensure the plant is responsive within 45 minutes of a black start requirement. In 2020, 13 maintenance outages were planned, and Stock Island Generating Facility has successfully and reliably operated and provided continuous electric service to the Keys Energy Services (KEYS) customers. Thank you to the KEYS and FMPA teams for their commitment to providing affordable, reliable power to customers. Contact: Ken Rutter

Disposal and Recycling RFP
FMPA issued a request for proposals (RFP) last week for Disposal and Recycling of Utility Wood Poles, Pallets and Reels. The RFP is available on FMPA’s website. Proposals are due Aug. 27. Contact: Sharon Samuels

FMEA Powering On Virtual Conference
FMPA members are encouraged to attend FMEA’s Powering On virtual conference starting Monday through Aug. 14. The conference brings together industry leaders, policymakers and others from the Florida public power community to discuss challenges facing the industry, explore new strategies and solutions, and get actionable new ideas and tactics. Interested members can register on FMEA’s website.

Hurricane Tabletop Exercise
Mike McCleary travels to Ocala on Tuesday to participate in a tabletop exercise for the major event preparation, response and restoration plans. During the exercise, utility staff will discuss a storm scenario and individual roles and responsibilities.

Lineman Safety Training Program
Mark McCain and Mike McCleary meet with representatives from the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) on Wednesday to discuss a lineman safety training program for 2021-2022. FMPA’s Board of Directors approved in May a withdrawal notice from FMPA to the current provider, Electric Cities of Georgia, that will terminate the existing program effective June 30, 2021.

Florida Lineworker Appreciation Campaign
FMPA and the Florida Municipal Electric Association kick off a social media campaign this week to show appreciation for Florida’s lineworkers. The campaign will feature lineworkers from Florida’s 33 public power communities and focus on different aspects of “line life.” During August, FMEA and FMPA will share on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, videos and graphics that highlight different aspects of line life. Members are encouraged to participate in the campaign by liking, sharing and retweeting the posts as well as sending their own messages of thanks through social media using the hashtags #ThankALineman and #LineLife.

Global Leadership Summit
Several FMPA Leadership Team members are virtually attending The Global Leadership Summit on Thursday and Friday. The summit brings together leaders from different industries to share their unique perspectives and offers practical leadership skills. Interested members can learn more about the summit on their website.

Utility Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management RFP
FMPA is preparing to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for Utility Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management. The RFP will include the FEMA-ready process. Members interested in this bid opportunity should submit their responses to Sharon Samuels by Aug. 10.


Distribution Reliability Roundtable
Aug. 13 | 9 a.m. | FMPA’s Orlando Office  

Safety by Design Webinar Series
Aug. 28 – Dec. 4 | FMPA’s Orlando Offic


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