FMPA Weekly | Jan. 4, 2021| Member Edition

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NERC Industry Alert

NERC issued an industry alert on Dec. 22, 2020 requesting all NERC registered entities to respond to a series of questions regarding their susceptibility to the SolarWinds cybersecurity attack. The industry alert requests applicable utilities to identify vulnerable SolarWinds products installed on their information technology (IT) or operational technology (OT) networks, as well as any data or information regarding malicious internet domains or IP addresses used by the attackers. Registered entities were required to acknowledge the receipt of the NERC Alert by Dec. 24, 2020, and responses to the questions are due Tuesday. Members with questions can contact Carter Manucy or Truong Le.

New Power Sales
FMPA began new power sales to Williston and Bartow last Friday. The All-Requirements Project will supply approximately 8 MW of capacity and energy to serve Williston for up to seven years and all of Bartow’s power requirements, which is approximately 65 MW through 2023. Previously, Bartow received its power from both Orlando Utilities Commission and FMPA. Contact: Chris Gowder

Board Appointments
St. Cloud appointed Deputy Mayor Keith Trace to serve as the city’s representative to FMPA’s Board of Directors. Keith replaces City Manager Bill Sturgeon as the city’s representative. Clewiston appointed City Manager Randy Martin as the alternate to FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Randy replaces Mayor Kristine Peterson.

Planned Outage
Cane Island Unit 1, which began its planned outage on Nov. 9 returned to service last Wednesday. Contact: David Schumann

APPA Legislative Rally
FMPA’s Public Relations Department holds a conference call on Tuesday with representatives from the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) and FMPA’s lobbyist Michael Nolan to begin planning for the 2021 Legislative Rally. This year’s rally will be held virtually on March 1-2, and there is no cost to participate. FMPA and FMEA will coordinate virtual meetings with participants and members of Congress and their staff. Additional details will be emailed to FMPA and FMEA members soon. Contact: Ryan Dumas

MSAC Training and Safety Subcommittee
The Training and Safety Subcommittee meets Wednesday at 2 p.m. via conference call. The Committee will consider one action item for the approval of safety program and associated agreements and forward to the Member Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) for review. Contact: Mike McCleary

APPA Safety Awards of Excellence
Applications are open for the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Safety Awards of Excellence. The awards are conducted annually to emphasize the importance of safe working habits, recognize utilities that achieve safe operations and share aggregate safety-related statistical information. More information is available on APPA’s website. Applications are due Jan. 31.


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Finance Committee
Jan. 20, 2021 | FMPA’s Orlando Office 

Policy Makers Liaisons Committee
Jan. 20, 2021 | FMPA’s Orlando Office

Governing Board Meetings 
Jan. 20, 2021 | FMPA’s Orlando Office


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