FMPA Weekly | Feb. 1, 2021 | Member Edition

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Energy Central Podcast
Jacob Williams participated in a podcast episode with Energy Central last month discussing the importance of “Keeping Municipal Power Affordable While Adding Solar.” This podcast episode shares how FMPA and its members have been working to add solar energy, while keeping electricity costs affordable for customers. Members can listen to the podcast on Energy Central’s website.

TVPPA Lineworker Safety Program
FMPA has been reaching out to members recently, seeking non-binding commitments to participate in Tennessee Valley Public Power Association’s (TVPPA) Lineworker Safety Program. Five additional cities indicated interest in the program last week, for a total of 22 cities to date. FMPA’s current training agreement with Electric Cities of Georgia ends in June 2021, and the TVPPA Lineworker Safety Program will kick off July 1, 2021 provided FMPA’s Board of Directors has approved the program. Members who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact Mike McCleary this week.

Plant Appreciation Lunch
Jacob Williams, Ken Rutter, and FMPA’s generation team members attend a luncheon Wednesday with the staff at the Treasure Coast Energy Center in Fort Pierce. The luncheon is to celebrate the plant’s operating performance in fiscal 2020.

APPA Joint Action Virtual Conference
Jacob Williams participates in a panel discussion on Thursday at the American Public Power Association (APPA) Joint Action Virtual Conference on the topic of “Putting Clean Energy Standards into Practice.” Jacob will be joined by other joint action agency executives, and the panel will share different perspectives on carbon emission calculations and discuss the costs associated with emission reductions. Members can register for the conference on APPA’s website.

Cybersecurity Assessments
FMPA is available to conduct custom cybersecurity assessments for its member cities. The assessments examine factors including general cybersecurity maturity, firewall configurations, asset inventories, and vulnerability evaluations from internal and external threats. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these free services. Members can contact Carter Manucy, Luis Cruz or Konrad Lisiewicz for more information.

Strategic Planning Session
FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee will hold a strategic planning session Feb. 17 at 9 a.m. at FMPA’s Orlando office. The session will identify the top strategic priorities for FMPA in the coming years. Contact: Jacob Williams

Safety Compliance for Electric Utilities
FMPA hosts a new training series called Safety Compliance for Electric Utilities starting in March. The series runs through December and is designed to help utilities identify safety hazards and risks as well as enhance their safety processes. The first session is on March 19 at 1 p.m. via teleconference and will highlight the importance of identifying electric power system hazards and assigning risk when performing work. Registration is available on Contact: Sharon Samuels


Chris Schaeffer | Feb. 4 | 2 years
Maria Veiga | Feb. 4 | 2 years


MSAC Training and Safety Committee
Feb. 8 | Teleconference

Governing Board Meetings
Feb. 18 | FMPA’s Orlando Office

TVPPA Foreman Academy
Feb. 22-25 | FMPA’s Orlando Office

APPA Legislative Rally
March 1-2 | Virtual


Florida Senate Files Proposal Targeting Local Regulation of Energy Projects


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