FMPA Weekly | Aug. 23, 2021 | Member Edition

Aug. 23, 2021

TOP NEWS                                                           

Record ARP Peak Demand
The All-Requirements Project set a record-high, summer peak demand of 1,300 MW on Aug. 13. The new peak was higher than the previous record of 1,292 MW set in summer 2019 for the same 13 project participants. Cumulative electricity sales to the cities are on pace to grow 3% this fiscal year compared to the year-ago period. At this pace, electricity sales for the fiscal year could reach the highest annual total for the 13 cities.

Alachua Power Purchase Agreement
The Alachua City Commission approved a partial-requirements power purchase agreement (PPA) with FMPA last month. The All-Requirements Project will supply Alachua with up to 15 MW of capacity and energy. The power will be served through Alachua’s new substation interconnected with Duke Energy Florida. The PPA will run from April of next year through the end of 2027. Contact: Chris Gowder

Finance Committee
FMPA’s Finance Committee met last Wednesday and approved three action items. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Linda Howard

Board of Directors
FMPA’s Board of Directors met last Thursday. The Board approved one action item and reviewed two information items. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams

Executive Committee
The ARP Executive Committee met last Thursday and approved one action item. The committee also reviewed five information items. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams

St. Lucie Refinancing
FMPA will begin pricing the refinancing of Series 2021A and 2021B bonds for the St. Lucie Project on Tuesday. Refinancing and extending the debt five years to 2031 will result in lower project rates beginning Fiscal 2023. Contact: Rich Popp

Distribution Reliability Program
Wauchula is the newest city to join FMPA’s Distribution Reliability Program. The program enables participants to compare and benchmark their performance on key outage indices. Twenty-three public power utilities participated in the program last year. Members interested in participating should contact Cairo Vanegas.

FPL Transmission Rate Case Settlement Refunds
FPL has provided refunds for FMPA’s transmission rate case settlement.  These refunds cover transmission expenses paid by the All-Requirements Project (ARP) and St. Lucie Project from April- December 2020. The total refund to the ARP is $1.4 million, and the total refund to the St. Lucie Project is approximately $30,000.  The refunds will be dispersed to project participants that paid for FPL transmission costs. Members should have received an email which details respective shares of the settlement money and a choice of how to receive funds (check, ACH transfer, or bill credit). Participants can contact Jason Wolfe with their preference.

NUARI Cybersecurity Training
FMPA received an after-action report of findings and recommendations from a tabletop exercise with the city of Ocala held on Aug. 4. The cybersecurity incident response exercise was organized by Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) and was designed to test the roles and response in the event of a real crisis situation. Results showed that both FMPA and Ocala staff were engaged and, in general, understood their roles. Over the coming weeks, both teams will work to enhance processes, so that there is a better understanding of capabilities, policies, procedures and communication when responding to a cyber event. This process was funded by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. FMPA can connect members interested in a specialized training with NUARI. Contact: Carter Manucy

General Fund Transfer Survey
FMPA posted the results of the General Fund Transfer Survey to the Portal on Monday.  The survey collects data on retail sales, total operating electric revenues and electric fund transfers. Results show the value of municipal electric utilities and the benefits that these transfers provide. Contact:  Susan Schumann

APPA Customer Connections Conference
The American Public Power Association (APPA) will host its annual Customer Connections Conference on Oct. 24 – 27 in Scottsdale, Arizona. APPA encourages utility personnel working in public communications, customer service, energy innovation and key accounts to attend the conference and learn about national issues and industry-wide activities affecting their communities and utilities. More information is available on APPA’s website.


Human Resources Roundtable
Sept. 8 | 10 a.m. | FMPA’s Orlando Office

Lineman’s Roundtable
Oct. 7 | 10 a.m. | Newberry’s Municipal Building

APPA Legal & Regulatory Conference
Oct. 17 – 20 | Savannah, Georgia


World’s largest solar battery almost complete in Florida


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