FMPA Weekly | Oct. 4, 2021 | Member Edition

Oct. 4, 2021


Public Power Week
Municipal electric utilities across the nation celebrate Public Power Week this week to share the value of public power in their communities. Follow FMPA on Facebook and Twitter to see how our members are celebrating the annual event.

New Smyrna Beach Investment Funds
FMPA’s Finance Department recently met with the Chief Financial officer of the Utilities Commission, New Smyrna Beach to review and help update the utility’s investment policy and strategy. The new policy and recommended strategies would allow FMPA to invest funds for the utility at no cost, saving the expense of an investment advisor to manage the funds. Members interested in financial policy reviews and fund investment services should contact Rich Popp.

Security Awareness Training Program
FMPA welcomes four additional members to the Security Awareness Training Program, which now includes 10 participating members. The program allows participants to gain insight on current security matters and how to best prepare for them. Program topics include phishing email testing for employees and training on how to spot malicious emails. Members interested in participating should contact Wayne Koback.

Lineworker Safety Program Steering Committee
The Steering Committee for the TVPPA-FMPA Lineworker Safety Program will meet Oct. 12 at 10:30 a.m. in FMPA’s Orlando office. The role of the Steering Committee is to work with TVPPA to periodically review the Safety Program and provide feedback for enhancing effectiveness. Participating members are encouraged to attend in person, and a teleconference option is available. Lunch will be provided, so RSVPs are requested. Contact: Mike McCleary

Safety Compliance Workshop
The deadline to register for the next class in FMPA’s Safety Compliance for Electric Utilities Distance Learning Series is Oct. 13. The sixth session in the series will be held Oct. 15 via teleconference. The session will highlight electric power system characteristics and conditions that are shared with contractors prior to working on utility facilities. Contact: Sharon Samuels

Wynwood Energy Facility Tour
FMPA has rescheduled the tour of Florida Power and Light’s Wynwood Energy Facility for Nov. 16. The purpose of the tour is to provide members an opportunity to see an operational battery storage facility and understand the size and scale, maintenance requirements and potential impacts. Members interested in joining the tour should contact Ken Rutter.

Substation Roundtable
Members interested in discussing substation, relay and compliance topics are encouraged to register for the Substation Roundtable, which is scheduled for Dec. 2–3 in Jacksonville Beach. Contact Matt Campbell at Beaches or Alan O’Heron at FMPA to learn more about the free event.


Veda Sharma | Oct. 5 | 1 Year
Jody Finklea | Oct. 8 | 20 Years
Jaye Godin | Oct. 8 | 9 Years


APPA Legal & Regulatory Conference
Oct. 17 – 20 | Savannah, Georgia

FMPA Finance Committee
Oct. 20 | 2 p.m. | Teleconference

APPA Customer Connections Conference
Oct. 24–27 | Scottsdale, Arizona


Florida Utilities Working to Improve Power Grid

NRC to Hear FPL’s Request for St. Lucie Nuclear Power Units


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