FMPA Weekly | Jan. 31, 2022 | Member Edition

Jan. 31, 2022

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Energy Prices Impacted by Winter Weather, Limited Infrastructure, Geopolitical Issues and Market Anomalies
Natural gas futures tallied their largest one-day percentage gain on record last Thursday, up $1.77 per mmbtu or 72% for the February contract. This move occurred in the last four hours of trading in a classic short squeeze of money managers and hedge funds caught short as the contract closed. Fuel prices have been volatile as cold weather in many parts of the U.S. increased demand and the Russia-Ukraine conflict spooked the market into fearing disruptions to the flow of natural gas from Russia to Europe. Many customers will see higher bills, due to the additional energy needed to heat their homes. This move will impact utilities like FMPA, adding more than $2 million in fuel costs for the month of February. Situations like these illustrate the need for natural gas drilling to ensure the U.S. is energy independent and additional pipeline capacity into major market areas of the country to keep energy prices affordable.

GRU Supporting Williston with Project
Gainesville Regional Utility (GRU) is assisting the City of Williston with a feeder line relocation for a Duke Energy substation expansion. Utilizing existing mutual aid agreements, GRU is providing support with personnel and equipment.  The work is expected to be complete this week. Contact Mike McCleary

FMPA Trainings and Events
The events calendar on has been updated with 2022 trainings and events. New course offerings include the Certified Power Executive program and the Electrical Metering program. Reoccurring events such as the Meter Tech and Human Resources roundtables will continue to be offered. All trainings and events are now open for registration. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Jason Wolfe | Jan. 31 | 11 Years
Maria Veiga | Feb. 4 | 3 Years


Finance Committee
Feb. 16 | 2 p.m. | FMPA Orlando Office

FMPA Governing Board Meetings
Feb. 17 | 9 a.m. | FMPA Orlando Office

Certified Power Executive Training Program
Feb. 23 | 8:30 a.m. | FMPA Orlando Office


Pensacola Considering Own Electric Utility

FPL Names New Leadership Under Planned Succession Process


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