Position Title: Certified System Operator   Job Family: System Operators/Dispatch

Operates all equipment in the monitoring and controlling of the electrical generation, transmission systems. Answers trouble calls and dispatches appropriate personnel to restore power.Schedules and coordinates outages of generation, transmission, metering and control equipment and directs and/or controls associated switching orders. Directs and/or controls switching of bulk-electric system elements at switching stations, generating stations and transmission line terminals. Must possess and maintain NERC Certification as NERC Certified System Operator.

MemberJob TitleDirectoryMinimum AnnualMidpoint AnnualMaximum AnnualAverage Actual Annual
Member ACertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Member BCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Member CCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Member DCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Member ECertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch84,57384,57384,57384,573
Member FCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Member GCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch64,75076,58688,400-
Member HCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch76,66885,86295,07695,076
Member ICertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch93,05998,176103,292102,024
Member JCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch75,96277,83479,706-
Member KCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch59,77972,48885,19785,197
Member LCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch55,96068,10480,24868,104
Member MCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch48,44379,934111,426107,806
Member NCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Member OCertified System OperatorSystem Operators/Dispatch----
Average  69,89980,44590,99090,463

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