Position Title: Electric Meter Technician   Job Family: Meter Positions

Performs responsible, skilled and technical work in the inspection, testing, repair and maintenance of revenue metering and electrical equipment. Responsible for inspecting, testing and repairing a large variety of electronic, electro-mechanical, and metering related equipment used in the generation plants, substations, commercial and residential locations. Performs required maintenance, initiating and disconnecting of all customer related services.

MemberJob TitleDirectoryMinimum AnnualMidpoint AnnualMaximum AnnualAverage Actual Annual
Member AElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions----
Member BElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions---59,344
Member CElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions----
Member DElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions----
Member EElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions44,86558,63572,40469,659
Member FElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions----
Member GElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions31,429-50,939-
Member HElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions54,95361,54768,14068,140
Member IElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions68,95272,75876,54468,952
Member JElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions54,08060,75767,434-
Member KElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions92,518-92,51892,518
Member LElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions55,96068,10480,24868,104
Member MElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions70,91378,84086,76778,558
Member NElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions----
Member OElectric Meter TechnicianMeter Positions----
Average  59,20966,77474,37472,182

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