Position Title: Engineer Technician   Job Family: Engineering

Works with builders, developers, contractors and other customers in order to develop requirements for electrical facilities to serve our customers.Plans and prepares designs and estimates for new electrical distribution facilities and maintenance and improvements of existing electrical facilities.Reviews and processes new service orders to ensure adequate facilities are in place to provide service and updates the GIS accordingly.Knowledge of NEC, NESC and other local codes as applicable to the job functions. Possession of a valid Florida Advance Work Zone Traffic Control Certification. Minimum of five (5) years of work experience in the design of electric utility distribution systems.Graduation from a two (2) year technical school or community college with major course work in Engineering (A.A. or A.S. degree) or equivalent course work in an approved four (4) year program of study.

MemberJob TitleDirectoryMinimum AnnualMidpoint AnnualMaximum AnnualAverage Actual Annual
Member AEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member BEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member CEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member DEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member EEngineer TechnicianEngineering41,64054,13266,62451,147
Member FEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member GEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member HEngineer TechnicianEngineering44,86658,63572,40453,269
Member IEngineer TechnicianEngineering34,65349,82765,000-
Member JEngineer TechnicianEngineering66,39374,38082,34782,347
Member KEngineer TechnicianEngineering----
Member LEngineer TechnicianEngineering65,40983,397100,07675,304
Member MEngineer TechnicianEngineering47,137-73,06257,301
Member NEngineer TechnicianEngineering78,16685,40595,30681,411
Member OEngineer TechnicianEngineering53,74764,77175,774-
Member PEngineer TechnicianEngineering34,65048,50062,35048,500
Member QEngineer TechnicianEngineering40,20666,28992,37261,546
Member REngineer TechnicianEngineering61,31578,21795,11979,145
Member SEngineer TechnicianEngineering-65,35077,35357,341
Average  51,65366,26479,81664,731

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