Position Title: Groundman/Apprentice   Job Family: Line Crew Positions

This is an entry level position that provides non-skilled and semi-skilled line work and provides ground support to electrical power line workers. Activities include: pulling cables and guy wires, digging holes for pole installation, preparing parts transformers, cross arms, street lights, and other to be installed by crews. Assists journeymen lineworkers in installation and maintenance of distribution lines. Operates line and bucket truck and hydraulic equipment for crew support assignments.

MemberJob TitleDirectoryMinimum AnnualMidpoint AnnualMaximum AnnualAverage Actual Annual
Member AGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions----
Member BGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions25,30033,52244,667-
Member CGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions22,88028,60034,32029,640
Member DGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions38,04354,43480,78758,136
Member EGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions----
Member FGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions----
Member GGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions42,120-56,077-
Member HGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions54,35067,39275,00466,960
Member IGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions51,48054,30857,13752,187
Member JGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions42,74446,56150,378-
Member KGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions1)28,579.00 2)18.341)34,653.00 2)25.851)40,706 2)33.3628,579
Member LGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions55,96068,10480,24868,104
Member MGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions33,46448,47263,47951,840
Member NGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions32,71842,51552,31243,085
Member OGroundman/ApprenticeLine Crew Positions----
Average  39,90649,32359,44149,816

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