Position Title: Meter Reader   Job Family: Meter Positions

Reads electric meters on an assigned route and records and transmits usage. Identifies and reports meters not accessible for reading. Checks to see that the meters and visible connection are correctly installed and functioning properly, Reports defects or tampering to a superior for further action. Assists in resolving customer complaints. Makes special readings as required.

MemberJob TitleDirectoryMinimum AnnualMidpoint AnnualMaximum AnnualAverage Actual Annual
Member AMeter ReaderMeter Positions---31,200
Member BMeter ReaderMeter Positions----
Member CMeter ReaderMeter Positions----
Member DMeter ReaderMeter Positions----
Member EMeter ReaderMeter Positions29,59338,47047,34836,442
Member FMeter ReaderMeter Positions25,35031,03236,71534,070
Member GMeter ReaderMeter Positions31,42838,14744,86541,098
Member HMeter ReaderMeter Positions27,78936,94146,05132,136
Member IMeter ReaderMeter Positions29,93139,22948,50631,663
Member JMeter ReaderMeter Positions----
Member KMeter ReaderMeter Positions35,30044,12552,95070,000
Member LMeter ReaderMeter Positions37,69040,66443,63842,945
Member MMeter ReaderMeter Positions35,174-54,52050,575
Member NMeter ReaderMeter Positions42,49648,02454,23745,739
Member OMeter ReaderMeter Positions44,76247,21649,691-
Member PMeter ReaderMeter Positions73,50080,67273,50080,672
Member QMeter ReaderMeter Positions26,85344,22161,58940,858
Member RMeter ReaderMeter Positions45,78248,07150,36146,297
Member SMeter ReaderMeter Positions-76,87590,00072,544
Average  37,35847,20753,85546,874

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