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Sept. 4, 2018





Linda Howard Appointed CFO

Linda Howard was appointed as FMPA’s Chief Financial Officer last Wednesday. Linda joined FMPA in January 2017 as Treasurer. Previously, she worked as Finance Bureau Chief for the Southwest Water Management District, and she worked at Orlando Utilities Commission for 25 years before retiring as Treasurer. Linda is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Treasury Professional. Contact: Jacob Williams


Rich Popp Appointed Treasurer and Risk Director

Rich Popp accepted the appointment of Treasurer and Risk Director last week. In this new role, Rich will manage the Agency’s treasury functions, including bonds, cash and investments. In addition, he will administer the Agency’s non-HR insurance programs. Rich will report to Linda Howard. “We truly appreciate Rich’s contributions as Interim Assistant CFO during the past several months as we navigated the transition following the passing of Mark Larson,” Jacob Williams wrote in announcing the appointment.


Florida Municipal Solar Project Committee

The Florida Municipal Solar Project Committee met last Thursday and approved its charter. Members also heard a project status update and discussed its meeting schedule. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Susan Schumann


Annual Report Kickoff

Jacob Williams and FMPA’s Public Relations Department met last Thursday via conference call with marketing communication consultant Michael Taylor to kick-off planning for FMPA’s 2018 Annual Report. The team discussed the fiscal year’s highlights and began developing themes and concepts for this year’s report. The report will be available in early 2019. Contact: Mark McCain


Utility Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management RFP

Responses to FMPA’s request for proposal (RFP) for utility tree trimming and vegetation management were due last Wednesday. One response was received, and it is being evaluated. If a contract is awarded, it will meet procurement requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Contact: Sharon Samuels


All-Requirements Project August Load Statistics

The All-Requirements Project’s non-Contract Rate of Delivery peak for August was 1,234 MW, which occurred Aug. 8 between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. The project’s load factor for August was 67%. Load factor is a ratio of actual energy (MWh) used during the period versus what would have been consumed if demand was at peak for the entire period. A higher load factor indicates more effective system utilization and results in lower average costs. The monthly peak was 104% of the budgeted peak, and energy was 104% of the budget. A graph showing the All-Requirements Project hourly load for August is available on the Portal. Contact: Jim Arntz






Concrete Poles RFP

Bids are due Wednesday in response to FMPA’s request for proposals (RFP) for the purchase and delivery of concrete poles. The RFP meets procurement requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Utility Communicators Task Force

The Utility Communicators Task Force meets Wednesday via conference call to discuss creating a video about the power restoration process after a hurricane. The video will be developed for use on social media, utility websites and other media. Contact: Mark McCain


Member City Visits

Cairo Vanegas travels to Lake Worth on Wednesday for a member city visit. Luis Cruz travels to Kissimmee Utility Authority on Thursday for a member city visit.


National Campaign to Raise Awareness of Public Power

The American Public Power Association (APPA) is launching a national campaign to raise awareness of public power. APPA has developed a campaign strategy, tools and resources for municipal utilities to use. APPA will hold a free webinar Thursday from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. to discuss the campaign goals, timeline, materials and activities. Register on APPA’s website for the free webinar.


ARP Rate Workshop

The ARP Executive Committee meets Friday at 2 p.m. via conference call for the monthly All-Requirements Project Rate Workshop. The agenda includes: 1) natural gas markets update, 2) overview of August loads, 3) resource update for August, and 4) review of August ARP rate calculation. Contact: Jason Wolfe


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Portal. The graph is updated through Sept. 3. Contact: Jim Arntz


Special Dates

Congratulations to Navid Nowakhtar, who celebrates two years with FMPA on Thursday, Sept 6.


Congratulations to Cairo Vanegas, who celebrates four years with FMPA on Saturday, Sept. 8.






Electric Vehicles Planning Session for Florida’s Electric Utilities

The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) will hold an Electric Vehicles Planning Session for Electric Utilities on Sept. 17 at Orlando Utilities Commission’s headquarters. The session will provide opportunities for electric engineers, policymakers, utility managers and others to discuss how to prepare for an increase in electric vehicles. Registration through FMEA’s website is free, and lunch will be provided.


Compliance Workshop

FMPA’s Regulatory Compliance Department hosts a Compliance Workshop on Sept. 18 at FMPA’s Orlando office. The morning session will focus on operations and planning, and the afternoon session will focus on critical infrastructure protection. Contact: Brandon McCormick


Debris Removal RFP

Responses to FMPA’s request for proposals (RFP) for debris removal are due Sept. 19. There are four members participating: Fort Pierce, Green Cove Springs, Havana and Wauchula. Contact: Sharon Samuels


Power Communicators Roundtable

The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) will hold a Power Communicators Roundtable on Oct. 23 in Kissimmee. The session is scheduled to correspond with the 2018 FMEA Energy Connections Conference. The roundtable will provide opportunities for communicators to discuss common issues. The roundtable is open to communications and marketing staff, utility spokespersons and municipal staff from Florida public power utilities. Registration is free, and lunch will be provided.






Duke Seek Rate Increase for Two New Plants

Duke Energy Florida filed for a rate increase Aug. 24 with the Florida Public Service Commission to help pay for two new generating facilities plus grid improvements. In addition, Duke also filed its annual fuel and environmental compliance rates for 2019. If approved, customers using 1,000 kWh per month would see an increase of 88 cent effective Jan. 1. Duke says the increase will help pay for a new combined cycle unit in Citrus County and a solar plant in Columbia County, along with technology improvements to Duke’s distribution system. Both plants are scheduled to be online in December 2018.


Industrial Power Users Drop Protest to FPL’s Purchase of Vero Beach Electric

The Florida Industrial Power Users Group (FIPUG) dropped its opposition last Thursday to Florida Power & Light’s proposed accounting treatment for the purchase of Vero Beach’s electric utility. FIPUG filed a notice of voluntary dismissal with the Florida Public Service Commission. Protests from some Vero Beach customers are still in place, so the PSC still has a public evidentiary hearing scheduled for Oct. 9-10 in Tallahassee.





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