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Dec. 17, 2018





St. Lucie Debt Reduction

FMPA completed debt transactions last week that eliminated the St. Lucie Project’s interest rate swaps and reduced the overall project debt by more than 50%. The cash defeasance transaction reduced the project’s debt and related swaps by $161.5 million. Contact: Linda Howard


Joint Solar Committee Meeting

The Florida Municipal Solar Project Committee and the APR Solar Project Advisory Committee met last Monday and discussed potential alternative site arrangements for the Poinsett location. The committees decided to support the Poinsett site unless NextEra comes up with a better alternative. Also, the participants were open to considering options for helping cities that need solar for capacity. The agenda is posted to the Portal. Contact: Susan Schumann


Power Quality Meter

Cairo Vanegas travelled to Bartow last week to assist with a power quality issue. Power quality complaints are typically related to conditions where electricity voltage is recurrently outside the acceptable range. This can result in customers noticing flickering lights or other phenomena that cause sensitive equipment to mis-operate. FMPA has a power quality meter to assist members in analyzing these situations. For assistance with power quality issues, contact Cairo Vanegas.


Board of Directors

FMPA’s Board of Directors met last Thursday and set its meeting schedule for calendar year 2019. The members also heard three information items: 1) preliminary fiscal 2018 financial results, 2) Florida Municipal Solar Project update, and 3) St. Lucie debt reduction plan. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams


Executive Committee

The ARP Executive Committee met last Thursday and approved: 1) its meeting schedule for calendar year 2019, 2) gas prepay directive with Florida Gas Utility, and 3) NextEra guarantees for Stanton Unit A and Plant Oleander ownership and power purchase agreements. The full agenda package is available on the Portal. Contact: Jacob Williams


Member Services Advisory Committee

FMPA Chairman Bill Conrad appointed Bob Milner of Starke to fill a vacant position on the Member Services Advisory Committee last Thursday. Contact: Mark McCain


Vero Beach Transaction

Pre-closing for the sale of Vero Beach’s electric utility was completed last Friday. Vero Beach residents began receiving power from Florida Power & Light on Dec. 17 at one second past midnight. Closing is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 17. FMPA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee have previously approved reassignment of Vero Beach’s power entitlements to the All-Requirements Project. Contact: Jacob Williams


Cane Island Unit 4

Cane Island Unit 4 became available last Thursday following a scheduled maintenance outage. Contact: David Schumann






Solar Meetings

Navid Nowakhtar and Susan Schumann travel to Kissimmee on Monday to discuss solar rate structures. Chris Gowder, Jacob Williams and Susan travel to Tallahassee on Wednesday to discuss future solar project opportunities.


AMI Deployment Assistance

Cairo Vanegas travels to Fort Pierce on Wednesday to discuss radio communications strategies for Fort Pierce Utilities Authority’s planned deployment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).


All-Requirements Project Weekly Load Statistics

The weekly update of the All-Requirements Project historical load graph has been posted on the Portal. The graph is updated through Dec. 16. Contact: Jim Arntz






Holiday Office Closure

FMPA’s offices will be closed Dec. 24-25 in observance of the Christmas holiday. Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday.


APPA Joint Action Conference

Time is running out to register for the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Joint Action Conference on Jan. 6-8, 2019, in Key West. This is a good opportunity to attend a national conference in Florida and hear topics important to FMPA and other joint action agencies around the country. For more information and to register, visit APPA’s conference webpage.


Regional Crew Leader Roundtables

Registration is open for FMPA’s semi-annual Regional Crew Leader Roundtables. The regional roundtables are designed to provide an opportunity for foremen or crew leaders to meet with their counterparts from neighboring utilities. The first roundtable will be in Quincy on Jan. 30. It will be followed by roundtables in Newberry, Homestead, New Smyrna Beach and Bushnell. Attendance is free, and lunch will be provided. Contact: Mike McCleary






PSC Allows Utility to Disconnect Abusive Customers

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a plan last Tuesday that will allow Tampa Electric Company and People’s Gas, both part of TECO Energy, to disconnect or refuse to provide service to customers who threaten utility workers. A similar approval was given to Florida Power & Light in 1996. PSC staff recommended approval of the policy emphasizing that the utility will only disconnect or refuse service in extreme circumstances, and service will be reconnected once the threatening condition is resolved.


FPL’s Voluntary Solar Program Extended for Another Year

Florida Power & Light (FPL) received approval last Tuesday from the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) to extend a voluntary solar program where customers pay $9 a month to help support small-scale solar energy projects. The program, which was initially approved in 2014, will continue through Dec. 31, 2019. The program pays for installation of solar structures on rooftops, covered walkways and parking canopies, according to a PSC staff recommendation. The number of customers participating has increased from 156 in May 2015 to 36,024 in August 2018, though that is only one-half of one percent of FPL’s nearly five million customer accounts. FPL reportedly has 84 such solar structures at 39 sites with another 53 under construction.





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